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to challenge competition, you lack the nerve
I'm your destruction and come prior to ya, you gotta accept
And I be makin cash money, you a demo cassette
When you cycled by
Here began all my dreams
The saddest thing I've ever seen
And you never knew
How much I really liked you
Because I never
a demo
Admit you been on my tip for years and just can't seem to let go
Go, go call your mother, tell her you want to battle KRS quick
I bet the minute
memories there.

When you cycled by,
Here begin all my dreams,
The saddest thing I've ever seen.

And you never knew,
How much I really liked you
Hey, hey, my, my
Rock and roll will never die
Hang your hair down in your eye
You'll make a million dollars

Well I was in this band
I'm a little curious of you in crowded scenes
And how serene your friends and fiends
We flew and strolled as two eliminated gently
Why don't you
like this, and you don't stop
A twink-twinkle, a rock the house
And my man Diamond Shell, a rock the house
Can't forget my man Sal, rock the house
Go, my demo's all flow
When cursing was a no-no, you dodo
Give it up 'cause I'm hot with a warm hate
I won't stop, pop, til that head is screwed
here where love has died it's a wonder
Loneliness surrounds this house now we'll get by I don't how we're together
A house that's dividing will tumble
Everyday you're walkin' by
And I can see
How I am alone with nothin'
But a dream
That you are mine
Just exactly what I'll do
I don't know baby
of dawn
I'm the Biz Mark, and I'm a sure shot
All of a sudden, you you you you..
I got a friend by the name of Charlie
Charlie got a wife by the name

I'm in the house y'all
I'm in the house y'all
And this is how Run DMC will turn it out y'all
I'm in the house y'all
I'm in the house y'all
And this
Everyday you're walkin' by
And I can see
How you shine
Here I am alone with nothin'
But a dream
That you are mine
Just exactly what I'll do
with the prose where cops won't dare go
Got top centerfolds too hot to wear clothes
Still me - always have and will be
Ill G - it's silly to hate but
Five zero ask questions, but nobody know
What's the M-O, another brother trying to get dough
Be careful how you live, 'cause that's how you go
You know I just be sayin' that to get you mad

What a wonderful day, I should go outside and play
Ain't no need to sit inside the house
Or how we sisters and brothers
Cover the land in corners of poems and stone
Go hard with it, let em know you God with it
Even though I authored
If I wait one minute longer
I think I will die
(let ?em stare)

If I could
I think I would give in
And let you in on how I feel
I need to spill
last song is sung 
Will you meet me in Heaven someday

Can't be sure of how's it's going to be 
When we walk into the light across the bar 
But I'll
Musty fusty yet so crystal clear 

The non commercial set is now here 

Brought to you by the will of positve people 

K are S plus One equals
a way to always go 
Against the grain 

Oh yeah! 
Someday they'll see how beautiful she really is 
I know that last will be the first 
The tables
to slay today?
Will I raise my gauge?
Oh God!
How will I teach yea, but it's these tactics that he daily practice
They gonna let you
Don't have it?
(nothing to say)
So far papa, I got nothin' to say, ok
Those happy days we spent together
We thought our world would never change
How the days go by
world tryin' ta have somethin' yeah
That's then you find and I know,
That's how I was raised and that's how I'm a go,
I dunno will I ever be a cell mate
And let this jam tell you who the fuck I am
Original black man from the Billali Sudan

[Chorus: Akil and Soup]
It's like that y'all, so go head and get