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of the Pleasure Principle
Has anybody seen Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk?
Tell him he will dance
He must dance!
I'll shoot him with the bop gun

Three blind mice
it true? No one will know

No cows on the ice
Every dog has its day
Whilst the cat's away
Blind mice will play

Can it be? And is it true?
Or can it
on the windowpane

We sang Three Blind Mice together:
"Three blind mice, three blind mice
Who went in across the farmer's house.."

You know well
Just never
anything to be down
Two hundred million blind mice
Running through this town

Patty Cake, Patty Cake I heard your man
Wears a gold Rolex and put
I have seen a thousand wars
And I will see a thousand more
I have heard the children's cry
And I have seen their bodies fry
You know me, you've
My blind mice

I am the lord with a plastic hand
Where are the slaves that I command
Where are the knights that were trembling at my words
them grow
Into strange and pretty faces
I don't know
Clutching to my lipstick traces
Watch them go

And make mistake number three, yeah (ooh,
them grow
Into strange and pretty faces
I don't know
Clutching to my lipstick traces
Watch them go

And make mistake number three, yeah (ooh,
could I let it by
This time

Closed my eyes and watched you
Open up three doors
Love is blind love is blind
Now that I see you 
And I know what you
never say their grace
(Dear dear dear no, dear dear dear no, dear dear oh dear no)

Hunting tigers can be ripping fun
Like three blind mice, see
direct from my imagination!

Three blind mice!

Watch your step, girls!

Three blind mice! See how they run.

You gotta turn up the heat, you gotta
to five in a blind alley
Equals three sheets to the wind
Can't remember when it started
Don't know where that it ends

And there's never a dull day
(Steve: I don't know Woody.
 Are you sure you've got this think hooked up right?
Woody: Listen man, music is my life.
Steve: Alright. Two, three
the car with three blind mice
They chase cheese and don't think twice
And for that, some niggas in the cut get sliced, she looking back
Now, cause she
A man that saves
By the wood of a cross

I am not afraid to say 
I live for Christ
His name will separate
The men from the mice
Be bold, Be strong
of Mirrors 

[Chorus x2] 
Mirror mirror on the wall 
Who's the wickedest of all 
Three blind mice, deepest fear 
Welcome to the House of Mirrors
the hell did we get here?
Like three blind bats lost in the light, with our destinies unclear,
We’re quiet as cathedral mice on lithium

Now I gotta
You know how we do  Roc a Fella... forever... You can catch me 
Skatin through your town puttin' it down y'all relatin' 
No waitin I'll make your
You know how we do, Roc-a-Fella, forever, You can catch me
Skating through your town putting it down y'all relating
No waiting I'll make your block
to tell
Was Firefrorefiddle, the fiend of the fell

Sir John 
I have played in my time every possible part
And I used to know seventy speeches by
Nice Nice Nice 

Kick 'em in the grill Pete! 
Verse One: Pete Nice 
Gas, past tense, made facially 
3rd Bass'll express, KMD 
Three blind mice
the world will end

A 3rd had just been made and we were swimming in the water
Didn't know then was it a son was it a daughter.
And it occurred to me that
’m everything you can’t see
Like three blind mice, on the chase of some great cheese
And Cheddar Man say he got some great trees
Say he serve me and my nigga'
the job
Says he goin' to find blind spots
And he'll do it.

The 3rd planet is sure that they're being watched
By an eye in the sky that can't be
Ancient mystery
Somewhere deep in the woods
I know you're hiding
What is your sound?
Will we ever know?
Will always be a mystery
What do you say?