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live without you all my life!
I'm holdin' on to love to save my life

I don't need to get all caught up on the net
'Cause I'm already set
Can't you
to rally the fray by firm example

Chaos must succumb to order
Lest these days be numbered

I cannot contribute to disarray
I simply cannot relate
tried to make it all end
Of course you will have to pay
Live life toiled and fray

Hard-wired to life day after day
There's not a difference it all
can't live without
You all my life!
I'm holdin' on to love to save my life 

I don't need to get all caught up on the net 'cause I'm already set
back to life

And it's on tonight
How about we go and save the night
I can see you want it and so do I
How about we go and save the night
Let's save
I'll be safe from harm 
I don't want to live a life alone
If I'm above all the ones alone

I'm just too exposed to find my way
With a heavy
to believe in life
And all humanity
Think of the children that have to live
In what we leave behind
The empires fall
And rise again

To stop a force coming to destroy
Through the fray the enemy seeks you out
But you must live for all could be lost

By the light of 4000 torches
I have been waiting all of my life 
For you to come along and make everything alright 
My body's shaking right through my bones, 
So take me by
Some can take life easy but I live from day by day 
God has my fortune laid away 

I search for sunshine every day but there always comes
a life built on broken promises
We live our lives with the pain of regret

I can't seem to understand
Why these days fade
I turn away
Speak up clear and cloud

Brown baby
Brown baby
As years roll by
Walk with your head held high
I want you to live by
Live by the justice code
my life
Suzy and Mary, Lord how they tried to cheer me
And honey, said honey please don't you cry
I said mhmm let me die
I can't get over you to save
the pills
Needing to remember how and why to live
Oh, when did you decide that sleep could save your life
How could you become another boy struck dumb
the people confused
Damned by the media that keep 'em subdued
I been around the world, seen a lot of shit in my life
Same sirens, same ghetto birds swirlin'
by piece
They cut me deep and bled me dry until there was nothing left to bleed

And this is how I choose to live
As if I'm jumping off a cliff
show me how


Should you really ever feel
Like your life is too far gone
Just try again
?Cause we only ever get
But one chance to live this life
an addiction, love survives 
It's so connected to our lives 
I look in your eyes and all I see 
Is my life go by

So break my heart again
my last kiss goodnight

If I could go back in time
If I could take back words
I swear I could save your life
No one knows how bad this hurts

Taken too
So stop and love
And dance and live
And laugh until you cry
Don't wake up to realize that
Your time has passed you by
Just do your thing
If it
the score
And nothing more

Senses overload
Fields of depth explode
Mental fabric starts to fray
False reality
Life's triviality
Psychotic images
Could you save em
You would give your life to me
The sky is burning
The fear consuming
I'll live forever if I lose my life tonight

I'll live
, I can't go fast
And ev'ry drink I take's the last
I'm always tryin' to save my health
I live my life all by myself

Ev'rything I have I own and no
You showed me how to feel again
You save my life tonight

Hearts on the run
Wasted and young
Every mistake stung
'Til I was numb
I almost
I Love the Life I Live
I see you watching me just like a hawk
I don't mind the way you talk
But if you touch me something's got to give
I live