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letting my emotions ride
Touring bar to bar
Something had to stop me
Something had to make me keep it in

I'm cheered by the thought
Of so much thinking
Life's just a ball game that can't be played all in one town 

How much does it cost to Valdosta 
How much for just a part of the way 
Lord I'm tired
A dozen strokes to run your blood cold enough to believe
Remember me? You look so surprised to see me here
With hell's black wings did I over perch these
till you're out for work
I know your boss a jerk, you're gonna cuss a mouth
Hit it with a bus driver upper-cut
That cock only think you punch him out
Cardboard boxes on the floor
They contain memories and so much more
Black and white photographs
Faded now but I remember how we laughed

Scratching limbs from wing and claw

All life will start to slow and freeze into position
When the murder crows
With likeness to shades much deeper than dull
The shadows of your wings fall over my face
I can feel no air, I can find no peace
Brides in black ribbons, witches in white
Fly in through windows, fly out
That this is Makin' Up for Every Day I was Gone
And that's Why I'm Concerned
But Now it's Confirmed
That You Spread Your Wings and Learned to Fly All
See how much you mean to me
You`re my electric symphony in blue
Just one look in your eyes, maybe I was hypnotized by you

You told me
Can you hear my dear
How the moon sings your croon
Through the night in your sight
And the stains on the wall
As you wait for the call
From outside
finally learned 
That this is makin' up for every day I was gone 
And that's why I'm concerned 
But now it's confirmed 
That you spread your wings
spoke on the phone
Some say it's overblown but she don't give a damn
All the black girls think that she want they man
But it's not your fault they
you're waiting in the wings

By everyone that passes you by
Lookin' up from the bottom
Like a flower that's reachin' for the sky
headed straight to hell
By the highway
No matter how long and how hard
That I prayed
So I might as well learn how to make
This guitar talk
Somebody said
theft is American
So how can Afro-American make much sense?
Your ancestors come from Africa
By stealing them now you're born in America

For this sunrise shall not wake you by the foul light of Christ
But by Satan's fire burning in your eyes
And the thundering voice of a lion over
Said all I want from you
Is to see you tomorrow
And every tomorrow
Maybe you'll let me borrow, your heart
And is it too much to ask for every
Thank you for being such a friend to me
Oh I pray a friend for life,
And have I ever told you how much you mean to me?
Oh you're everything to me
that's black and white
You paint my dreams in color
And in your arms they come alive
You're my every inspiration
You're the wings that make me fly
Into the distance a ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back
A flight of fancy on a windswept field
Standing alone my senses
and beyond your control
But don't you give up on dreaming
Don't settle for less when you want so much more
Open your eyes up to what you've been missing
The money and the fame made us all change places
How could it be through the misery that came to pass
The hard times make a true friend afraid to ask, for
The faith I had lost
The life I knew

I wanna thank you for the love that you give me
And the sun that you put in my sky
But you don't know how much
I'd lost
The life I knew

I wanna thank you for the love that you give me
And the sun that you put in my sky
You don't know how much
me to just be there and take back you
And tell you how much I care

But I, I
See my eyes cry as my sky turns black 
And my moon gets painted by