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'll follow by the trail of her tears
That's how I got to Memphis
That's how I got to Memphis
She' use to get mad and she'd say
She'd go back to Memphis
If you love somebody enough
You follow them wherever they go
That's how I got to Memphis
That's how I got to Memphis

If you love somebody
nothin' like this 
If I can make it back to Memphis one more time 

I went down to the corner, I called by buddy Ray 
Said it's a bad idea, but let's do
can each over the present
While we waiting for the next cards?

Oh, boy, look, a surf, boy, I got and inside hope be yourself, Dave

I'm going down to Memphis
I got three hundred dollars in cash
All the women in Memphis
Want to see how long my money will last

I'm going
on the record.

I'd written 'You really got me' as tribute to all those great blues people
I love: Leadbelly and Big Bill Broonzy. And Dave was playing the song
[Big Dave] I got cha (she comin)
[Riley] She's on her way to the back
[Big Dave] I got cha (she comin)
[Riley] Don't let nobody fuck with her (she
York, and ATL
Houston and LA ask Dave Chappelle, about my rich b****
He got her from me
And made 50 million dollars
I'm proud of you D
But I'm crazy you
'cause they all know who I am
And latey want to flip grammar instead of grams 
Like that's the only choice they got
They tell me how they gonna
to the I-m-p
Bun-b that's Texas baby
Ball and g that's Memphis baby
$hort dog that's Oakland baby
Ain't nothin' but pimpin' these days g
My nigga c got locked up
Thomas on bass guitar.

Oh, yeah.

From Jax, FL, a big Atlanta welcome for
Dave Hlubek.

Dave Hlubek, one time, huh.

Oh, yeah.

From Memphis, TN....our
Digger Dave was a friend of mine
Got himself into a bit of a mess one time
Mindin’ his business, drinkin’ his wine
When he heard a shotgun blast
How can I be drunk?
You strike with dry poison
I am possessed
Still engaged in some kind of advanced shackling

Girl you got to find you the man
we doin it
Broadcasting, LIVE from WBBE
You know how we do it
We got a special guest in the house
He goes by the name of Dave New York
Dave, we
Zevon's Los Angeles
I got turned around on Gower Avenue

So long, so long
I'm going back to Memphis with a picture and a song
So long, so long
Dave Guard/Bob Shane/Nick Reynolds

Children, go where I send thee. How shall I send thee? Well, I'm gonna send you one by one, one for the little
my fault

I went to john's rave with Ron and Dave
And met a new wave blonde babe with half of her head shaved
A nurse aid who came to get
This run's too tough and I'm gonna quit

Now the foreman that day happened to be old Joe
Man he was older than time
He said, "Son, how long you been
a prize
How do you keep a straight face when you're telling all those lies

You are the one, you are the bullet in the chamber of the gun
You are
Rush hour traffic
Always puts me in a bad mood
I got chewed out by the boss today
And now I'm stuck on highway ninety two

Then you call me on my
full of old black men
And the graveyards of rusted automobiles

Good mornin' America, how are you?
Don't you know me? I'm your native son!
Tonia, my name is Busta
My name is Dianna, my is Busta
And what do you take me for the little loco push over
No shame in my game 'cause that's how I got
got the disappearing railroad blues

Good night, America, how are you?
Don't you know me I'm your native son
I'm the train they call The City of New
got the disappearing railroad blues
Singing good morning America, how are you?
Saying don't you know me, I'm your native son?
I'm the train they
And tryin' ta get a drink of water with his knees gettin' mud caked
And I'll tell you and exceptance how he stumbled into Memphis Tennessee