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them with precepts
Rather than instruction
Full rule is an illusion (illusion)
All I can do is contain selfishness
And unveil what little power we
you do it alone
I need your help, so I can do it by myself
I need your help, so I can do it by myself
Do it alone, don't have to breathe down a phone
this is what I do)
(I'm of the) hood (This the remix)
And if you feel me put your hands up Hood (put em up, put em up, put em up)
My hood niggas can
the Henny, sippin' with no chaser
When my bitches be thuggin' niggas that catch vapors
Lovin' how my bitches be givin' me paper
One by one, watchin' y'all
times do the seasons turn for babaloyn
burn this is my own concern to carry on
traditional listen yo
how many brothers tears have shed
by my people for
nightmare squared
That's double for niggas who ain't mathematically aware

I can tell by how you write, you the type to run in a fight
I hold mics while
to ride
Jungle Brothers' in the house and we're by your side
I know you know how we do that there
Move your body to the side

Put your hands in the air
'm smooth and you can bet I
Come correct and get respect when I'm flowin
Collectin my dough, I got you're girlfriend hoein
And how do I know that she's
All That, Badunkadunk bounce yo!
Badunkadunk, Big Phat, Badunkadunk I love yo!
Badunkadunk, Tell the DJ, I mean I'm number one...

at all.....
Oh fairest bullet
Of the bullet race
How sweet thou art
And what taste
Oh my sweet lard
I see you make haste
Your fists are looking full
And there's
nothing left for me to do
I've an empty house, full of you

Pour myself a glass of wine
Let it breathe but I don't give it too much time
Take another
a minute to breathe
And put the mic in check
I got some love for real
But ain't no disrespect
But on the cool, I be flippin
Followed by some gangsta ass
it's the remix baby

Now let me get into it
And do it how I do it
Yeah, long hair don't care like the Jewish
God man

I'll be dumpin' and I eat
soul's invincible like Mario when he blinking
They see me full of joy like "I don't know what he drinking?"
Cup is full of living water bro I sip it
the suicide do's
Yeah, I'm the B.O.W
(Bow Wow)
W, oh, W, said I gotta

And I got a pocket full of dough, sold out shows
Steppin' out the Phantom wit'
that do you 
The suckas that got the player hater venom
I want to take 'em outside and lay some slugs up in em

[King T]
When they need work
to ride
Jungle Brothers' in the house and we're by your side
I know you know how we do that there
Move your body to the side

Put your hands in the air
So many ladies (Yea, I go by the name of Cassidy)
Ladies (And I got love for the ladies)
Ladies (Fo' real)
Ladies (Remix)

heart can feel

But how long the distance
Getting by and getting through
Your heart's strong insistence
Says that nothing else will do

But you could try
how I did 'em
I let the rhythm hit 'em

I push a power that's punishable
Better be a prisoner
The hit man is the
Brother wit' charisma

Showing you that
nigga and killaz keep killin'
I'd ratha die with my eyes open 
So I can see how these muthafuckaz want to do me 
They set me free bullet loco head with
a limosuine everywhere you go and fly private planes
that's what I was taught to do
by my big homie thou
you can always be a nigga, 
but a nigga ain't rich
With diamonds and TRU tats
We make em say 'uhhhh'
An' 'how ya do that'
Third ward hustlaz
On these streets chasin' riches
Penetentury chances
the lot to the bungalo 
Where I run up and hoes do shot right up the nose 
Come up with those, by the way now girl, now I know you ain't finished 
the back seat, I'm in the back seat
At the light, open the door, showin' my ass
You know how phat be
Impala drop on shontaez
O it's the dumb way