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Martin but the first name Aston
Tata head n****s get mashed when I'm spazzin'
Think you f***ing with me put your cash in, nah I doubt
I was young
Martin but the first name Aston
Tata head niggas get mashed when I'm spazzin'
Think you fucking with me put your cash in, nah I doubt
I was young
Cartiers, you small change
You bitch made, I'm old school like gemstars and switchblades
I spit game, I get paid, I pimp game
I be that pretty muthafucka,
and kick it wit' me for a minute
Y'know what I'm sayin', come and ride wit' ya boy man, Hey!
Y'all ready know what it is, hey,
We gone swing by some
some funny rigs, danced
Some hearty jigs, the water 'round me bubblin' off to holly head
Wished myself was dead or better far instead on the rocky
the welcome at? My sneaker tough
This is for my old head go on turn your speakers up
Rocky, where you been? I been tryna make my ends meet
So I can cop that
turned around and shook his head cause he ain't know
Probably trickin with this bitch from Rocky Road name Cheerio
I'm trippin off this shit cauuse I ain't
Texas behind

It was thunderin' and lightnin' when we left Nolan County
The bus rolled along through the night
And Old 36, was the magic black
go a whizzing by,
Fare thee well Laramie and Rocky Mountain High,
Yes sirree, here we are, going all the way, mustn't quit 'til we hit California.
Well, I'm a jitterbug boy, by the shoe-shine
Resting on my laurels and my hardys too
Life of Riley on a swing shift, gears follow my drift
that day it seemed that life lost its magic glow
But they raised me right and every night in prayer we bowed our heads
And they asked the Lord to light
Lay down sleepy head
Rest your weary head
Tomorrow you give yourself away

You know, now what will be
Stop trying so hard to see
Something you find
The Clash were headed for a head on collision
Crash for complete control
The Pistols left behind a swindle and a scandal
That nobody wished
the rough terrain
Of the rockies to the docks of old L.A.

On down that old Pacific shore
I swing north and head for Baltimore
Or some place 'bout 2000 miles
count cash for a livin` (beotch, BEOTCH!) 


Now, there was a cool little old fuck
Smoked a little broccelius then we stopped by the burrito
Makin robots
Who forgot
Hypnotic in a
2000 by 3000 mile box
35 year olds lost in a x box

PlayStation and videos

So that's how it goes

Who forgot
Hypnotic in a 
Two thousand by three thousand mile box
Thirty five year olds lost in a x box

Playstation and videos

So that's
the sticker with the sick fillin
Vik sta
He stacks chips by any rich way

And keep black lips fuck what any bitch say
It ain't no time for no tip or tatt
Chorus (Flaj)
What we see [what we see] everyday [everyday]
Livin' in the ghetto this is where I stay
[What we do] what we do [to get by] to get
Well, we'd all head to Waco, for the birth of our Lord
My folks and my brother in an '82 Ford
We'd pull in the driveway filled up with cars
taking a chance"
We was getting up, getting ready to leave
When somebody grabbed old Jim by the sleeve
And this good looking girl, she was asking my
old little Lego people squeezing little like a Polaroid in key hole
Media breather needed mural to hide all while your friends 'n neighbors press
a lil rap name, got a lil head start
Chrome tucked, all chromed up
Remember fuckin' all tha juveniles, who remember that?
Kangol was tha winter hat
This one goes to my man old dirty, one love we be swigging brew
Trigger too, even Nas I be digging too
Let's see whose left Mobb Deep, oh yeah Meth
And we were pulling into Houston
Checking out all them places

I was feeling dry and I said I think
We ought to stop and get ourselves a drink
And old