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what's next with me
Intimidated by the playaness, ain't no how to say the shit she texted me
Like "When you tryna take it to the house?"
I'm like "Baby
the deli
Black shoe polish on your glass table I'm ready and able
Going on the roof
When the pay-per-view fight come on click off the cable
Harass you
When you be struttin' (shake it fast!)
I know your willin' and able and ready to (take it glass)
Sittin' on top of your a** like a table now (make it
when you dead or on lock, that's when that balling stops

[Chorus: x4]

Born gutter, another raised by a single mother
Had to struggle, youngest
all glass so I'm gettin' all ass
When y'all pass, see V-12's and haul ass
Oo-Bay, I oo-day what I oo-day
and don't care what a hater like you