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are somethings that mere songs can never tell

The kids in the club are hot enough
The kids in the club are strong enough
The kids at the club are
Priest kissed by the widow spider that spit saliva
I write for lifers and boxers at rikers
I write pain
Blue ink replaced the blood in my veins
Thug in
You know it and I can see it in your eyes 
You want me you smooth as a mother 
You're so undercover 
By the way that you was watchin' me
niggas ain't ready (4x)

You're listening to the sounds of WDEF Radio, Def Squad Radio
Where Nasty Nudge, the big mouth
Still in charge and still
thought the cards was marked
We draw hit after hit from a royal flush menu
While the dealer promoted the full house venue
A spade in the club with
She's the creator of the Terminator - 9th Prince, rhyme slayer
Stayed in ten housing projects, razors, machine gun blazes
at'cha neighbors - Jamaican rum,
sleep when nod's around the corner
Later on, in the afternoon I rise to rap tunes
Way past two turn the dial to BET or Trial TV
If it's hot I'll just
the radio on that's my joint got me and I need to dance

Pull up in the truck and it ain't my man's
You screaming "hey yo", you don't got a chance
heads are noddin
on the corners, without the mics
Inside the clubs, without the spotlight
Packed in tight like we were all doin a bid
Fuck where you're
unless it's real in the cypher, uh

[Chorus: x4]
On the corners, brothas bobbin' heads
From them all doin' time in the cypha

The cypha keeps it
Magnificient and excellent cause I'm no scrub 
I could rock in a club with only one light bulb 
All I need is a mic and a crowd to react 
And I'll turn a damn
to me
You wanna get in? Put a sucker's head out
Sound a little hot for you, boy? Then, toy, get out
Syndicate mob ain't nothin but hardened crooks
(that's right)
I was a gentleman, livin in tenements
Now I'm swimmin in, all the women that be tens (ho)
Went from Bad Boys to the Crushed Linen Men