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We almost died
Nearly put to death
By lightening strikes
Instead there was hot, pink
Flashes in the sky
We climbed the rocks, in snow and rain
The ocean so vast, can not see skyline
Sun's burning hot and the sea's dead calm
Traces of pain, flashes of fear
Could it all have been true
Back through my mind like smoke

She was smoking hot, a whiskey shot, a cherry Coke
Sparks were flying every time I smelled smoke

I'm sitting by
and flashes strike his son's wain

Flesh and thunder and blood and lightning

Sol et Nox in heavens hot they feast
Flesh and thunder and blood and lightning
Welcome to the danger zone

Runnin' to a land so dark full of pain
I'm feeling dirty, feelin' hot again
I got the miracles in my hands
Woohoo oh yeah
You glanced my way, I lost all control
Anxiety had taken hold
My body quivered,
Hot flashes ignited in me,
Ooh, ooh, ooh
See yourself as a child reaching out
 In search of a landmark to guide your way
 Put yourself to the test, the trial by fire
 'Cause it's the only
to the crews out there who think they're hot
If you're not original rockers you will get shot
Down by the kids neglectin' your art, the stuff you did
you just seen or heard about or gonna have to fight
Where they sacrifice the life and niggas see flashes of light
When you trapped up in the heights but
on some motherfuckin' kill shit
I got hot flashes of me fuckin' you up nigga this some real shit
I'm on another level total
Forget decisions I'm full
and dream
This is the future, this is tomorrow's scheme

We're coming in, the runway flashes past
This is it, now we're here at last
We've tried to make this
Woohoo oh yeah
You glanced my way, I lost all control
Anxiety had taken hold
My body quivered,
Hot flashes ignited in me,
Ooh, ooh, ooh

Yo  on foreign land keep your toast up  hot rocks 

Catch a close up your snot box  broke up 

Land shark  tryin to post up  reptiles
myself from catching hot flashes
This girl is just too much
Quench my thirst wit a glass of, "Puffy" punch
And that's the real, I'm the realest nigga
another slash, 
Took another'n an another'n an another'n
For you knew I'd downed one whole jug of that shit
And commenced to gettin' hot flashes

Bobby's goin Digital 

Hoverin the city inside the Wonder Woman's invisible jet 

Clouded by the Meth we move undetected 

in secret society sects,
you think that we can't start beef in a heartbeat
like car thiefs with snatchers
Givin rappers hot flashes for actions of our main access
Knockin out
Hot flashes
Sun first
I come gun first
Feet second
I keep wreckin
So you can keep on checkin


[ VERSE 3 ]
I'm nice like a old lady
This flame thrower singes and burns you to a crisp of ashes
I'm ill suffer from constant hot flashes
Bad rock annihilates violator retaliates
Fever followed by hemorrhages and then the organs corrode quickly.
I felt sickly on arrival to quarantine,
And then thought about the dream,
Or rather
drippin' sweat
Havin' hot flashes and shit 
Over these fulla bitch-made and a half-ass dicks
You ripped? let's take it to 'em sick
Hit all they spots
wants the killas be killas 
But though, I'm the deaf villain 
Whose contracts I don't fill-a.
Body-bags by the millions 
But that keeps me illin'?
releases solid liquids and gases
Thirsty worms suck the fluid--Ya life flashes!
You lay down in the dust, body bubblin' with hot pus
He lay naked,
mixing wit vanilla waffers
I like to go to boxing matches wit the baddest batches
The way I steal the chedder from them give me hot flashes
I like to take
would have dealt with it forever cause I'm old fashioned
Wakin' up in the middle of the night, hot and cold flashes
Now it's just me and my dog, it's