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A black day dawn at horizon where winter hearts our battlefields
The ultimate frostage desire snowflurry drifts these plains
Since the blast
the tundra lay untouched

Blacker and blacker blinded by shades from centuries behind
Shadows of a dark that used to be under heavy winters reign
the curtains at the end of the day
And then we laughed because the room sailed away
Fancy glitter in the summer arcades
Then autumn leaves fall by a winter
the horizon, signaling the end of six months of winter darkness. Gratefully, the dead had released their hold once more.
and decay
Life's running shorter day by day

Winter - Has gripped the land in cold caress
He's all alone and deeply depressed, she's dead

Don't you
quickly, though it seemed like time stood still
Standing by her front door, she could feel the winter's chill.
She looks to the horizon where she sees
and mine must intertwine 

My eyes trace the horizon 
Winter brings another death to a year 
Give a free course
pestilence, war, famine, and death.
Now that hour is 13, you see the storms form,
Our winters became warm, we have been forewarned.
Our summers are so long,
umbrellas because we're
Stuck in our own rut.
I say, blow away the rain clouds,
For the new horizon is crystal clear.
It's took sometime, but we're