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[Lupe Fiasco]
Now I'm chi-town born and I'm chi-town bread
Call me west-side lu'
But I know about them north-side blue's and them south-side
And now Ladies & Gentlemen, Lupe Fiasco

Filet mignon with my food stamps
Car cosigned by my mama
Medical card from Obama
Background check for
and pushed in this fiasco, like Lupe.
Back that ass up like Juve, cause the south we giving them satisfaction.

Ever since I signed with luda and them, my
Uh, what up ya'll
Soundtrack what's poppin' baby
Ya'll ain't know
I go by the name of
Lupe Fiasco
Representin' that 1st & 15
And this one
they missed back when they were sixteen
And all they want to do is push you to be that
And all you want to do is scream back

Lupe Fiasco:
They're gonna
Kevin Michael, Lupe Fiasco
Hey, little girl, don't cry, dry your eyes
I wrote this song for you
Now, it goes down

Can you imagine every world?
Now I'm Chi-Town Born And I'm Chi-Town Bread
Call Me West-Side Lu'
But I Kno About Dem North-Side Blue's And Dem South-Side Red's
I Run Da F&F Crew
that my bucket gon' make it to California, California

Yo yo yo what up? This is Lupe Fiasco
And my bucket list has many things in it
One of 'em is
you think about me, nigga

[Outro - Mannie Fresh talking:]
Yaaahhhh, ladies and gentlemen
You're now listenin' to the ghetto music
And, this being
now mama just look at me
I’m doing songs with Lupe, oh it’s a new day
Remember me, Clyde Carson, and Balance was the new Bay?
Road trips with Gary
’cause the subject by itself is now diverted
Off these random rappers spitting random lyrics with no meaning
Here today and gone tomorrow then the new
throw a pass at 'em
They with me stupid, now Ma, blast at 'em
Cats fire when i'm walkin' by like JFK junior, y'all talkin' fly
I give em Macaulay Culkin
rapper because all you suck
I severe the weakest niggas who not on my pedigree
Because on the tombstone its as hard as it will ever be
I'm judged by my
I feel like the whole worlds lost its base
I'm clapping at the beast by taking the cannon off my waist
Sing along

[Chorus 2x]

[Outro : Killah
Yeah, I say
Bitch bad, woman good, lady better
Hey, hey
Hey, hey

Now imagine there's a shorty, maybe five maybe four
Ridin' 'round with his mama
niggas tried to jam me
I'm strapped now movin around wit the swammie
Got a baby by ya baby mama nigga we family
Niggas mad at the kid 'cause I'm caked up
Yeah, I say
Bitch bad, woman good, lady better
Hey, hey
Hey, hey

Now imagine there's a shorty, maybe five maybe four
Ridin' 'round with his mama
up on watch
The channel son different plain now man. (It's all good) Word up baby all
Good in every hood. (Queensbridge) Word up you hood nawsayin'?
put it to the curb
We was, young and buckwild in the hood havin fun
A van drove by and my boy caught one
My heart poundin, I was chasin the past
I seen
half the hood, is right now, doing time
What's done in the dark, could come to light in due time
Turn my cheek to grapevines, until seen by third eye
And watch ya bread, not get popped by Feds
Anywhere we gon be in the hood
Wit the burners and the hawks nigga being the hood (watup!)

[Outro - Jadakiss]
[Lil Boi]
This a niity beat (boing)

Here we go again
Ghettoville u.s.a (uh Oh)
You know I got by the name nitty right (uh huh)
Thinkin' back on how it used to be when it was all good
We wasn't trippin', this was our hood
I had your motherfuckin back
And when it was time
you're not my cup of tea
Don't make me act a damn fool, treat you like you in pre-school
Cause you broke the golden rule, and made me lose my cool
Now this
hood on lock (lock, what)

[ Chorus - 50 Cent singing ]
I been doin' my own thang
You can tell by the stones on my neck, and my wrist, and my ears