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Do the Honky Tonk Hip Hop
It's so cool you'll never stop
We're doin' the Boot Scoot and the Electric Slide
Country boogie really can rock

So bring
honky tonk
That rocks on Friday nights

And hell yes I love my truck
But I want you to know
Honey I love your love the most
I love

Yeah I love scuffed up
a honky tonk world

Now if you were cro-magnon you'd be draggin'
Them woman by the hair to your cave
You'd be down on your knees citing them soliloquies
It'd be just another river town
Streets would have a different sound
There'd be no honky tonks with whiskey rounds
No dreamers chasin' dreams down
take her out and dance
Cause we're living in a honky tonk world

Well sooner or later all you couch potatoes are gonna be the lonely ones
If you want
Well, I was singin' some old cheatin' song
When this blue-eyed blonde came by
She said, I'm a table over in the corner
Why don't you drop around
The western brand, it signifies a way of life designed for a different breed,
13 MWZ.

When the sun goes down in Tulsa, it's time to honky tonk, their
I packed up my pick-up at seventeen
With uncle Bob's old Martin guitar and a dream
Went from singin' in church
To singin' for tips in a honky-tonk
lookin' down on me
Cause the country club where I belong
Is a honky tonk till three in the mornin'

Don't wear no fancy clothes, no ties or three piece
a little senior boot to ass
And let the A&R man know
He's taken this way to far
You pee with the puppies
When you crap
In the big dogs yard

The honky
the Pontiac rumblin' out of town.
She got a rag-top two-tone '74.
My little lady ain't my little lady no more.

She got the honky-tonk fever, got the skin