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Who will save the war child baby? Who controls the 
The web we weave is thick and sordid, fine by me
At times of war, we're all the losers,
the girl selling roses
Showed us how to live
We were blessed by the neglected child
Who knew how to forgive
We were blessed by the battered woman
on a gravestone and live while you can,
That homeless brother is my friend.

Somewhere there was a woman, somewhere there was a child,
Somewhere there was
All the ghettos around the world
Dig this, ghetto Fabulous Joe
All the children sing

I'm a ghetto child
I'm a ghetto child
(Check it, out)
that is green
You can't make the night any brighter
By even one star.

Awake, awake, awake.

Oh the rivers are poisoned
And the lakes are gone
A homeless child for the next five years
With my dog clown by my side and my only friend
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I fought my way through school
Sound and touch
The snake bit the child on the hand
The father picked up the snake and cut its head off
The boy stood up touched the man
Mother saw him touch, her
in an ivory tower it's hard to see, hard to feel, hard to be
Homeless and one of the outcast-Waterfront Weirdos.

Who are the Waterfront Weirdos?

How many say I, how many say I 

Have you ever looked down when the homeless walked by? 
Or changed the channel when you saw a hungry child
Homeless in a pitchblack room all alone
separated, until death, do it's own
So I create and populate the dead zone

[Monoxide Child]
Watch as we change &
the unhealed and homeless are wondering
If they will ever feel safe again
They give you drinks and show you sailors
Dancing in the warm New York rain

Homeless horses running wild
Everything on earth was worth a try
It took me by surprise, I felt so good to be alive

Sooner or later
I'll find the end
a single mom
Telling me she and her two children are just barely getting by
The child support payments come late and sometimes they don't come at all
in a hopeless world?

Ya got a quarter for the homeless man?
Spare some change for the soldiers
Who fought the war
Put some money in their hats
Eight months pregnant.
Homeless crack addict
From the south side of town.
Angel All alone.

Can't decide
If to confide.

Caught in

Churches are full, but the prayers are not heard
Saturday's child don't want to to go to Sunday school
Whatever happened to the golden rule
There you go my love

Dark hair homeless child
Heading to the world
My sigh in your bag

On our way back home
Somewhere by the sea
I have
Lustrous lines obscured by opaque blinds 
Frozen metacarpals tap tap tap the window glass
Syncopated staccatos with the broken clock

Churches are full, but the prayers are not heard
Saturday's child don't want to to go to Sunday school
Whatever happened to the golden rule
So I freestyled my ass across the U.S.A.
Solve the economy, the homeless problem
Save what's left of the environment
Create jobs, for everybody
There's just too many rages
Too many infinite screams at night, we're living in concrete cages
Another child is doomed, to be torn in his mother's
It's the most beautiful thing I think I?ve ever seen
A homeless child playing with something as simple as a cardboard box and he seems so happy
into love, into lust,
Into innate inner-child's thoughts of we chasing the sky
That fell into the sea that we created for ourselves to be self-absorbed
Tell that to a hungry child or a dad without a job
When hungry homeless families become an angry mob
Nature takes its course

One man's pleasure is
God will you tell me why I'm judged by the color of my skin
If you can please respond, a.s.a.p.
Sincerely Willie D

Hook until fade: (child computer