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the golden mean
By these acts of cruelty in the name of beauty to be free

The acoustic funeral for love in limbo
We're dancing with tags on our
bread and wine
To keep me cool inside

I had a home
Inside of me

Acoustic loneliness

I knew a young girl by the name of Suzie
Now she
And they never would come down

Turn around and hold me
I'd like to see your face alone
I'm hoping there's someone home

[Instrumental Acoustic Guitar
to this by now 
I'd handled all the bull but not the cow. 

Behind her velvet sofa 
I found myself back sober, 
She kept an old acoustic 
She never ever
an A-cup
But if you blast first, I'ma blast back
And by the last verse you gon' pull yo panties out yo ass crack
Then I'ma backtrack and reach inside my
No Girls Allowed
She wanted to knock but she was too proud
So she went back home and practiced in her room
In front of the mirror by the light
up and down like a U-N-L-V rebel
The answer be amongst us 'cause we rarely dig acoustics
Can't be too much flackin', not too much packin'
You must
invention the king battle of epic proportions 
Lyrical intrigue, the master of contortion 
Optimized computerization virus 
Paradoxical acoustic sound
The Terminal Tavern
By David Wilcox
Ah, what a beautiful place.
It is so lush and quiet in these walls.
It's a place where the sound really stands
With the boom the bat the bam well damn I rip shit
Of the shoreline rappin the land
It's the radical man sailin on a catamaran (Yeah!)
By the seaside
Blowing right to your soul
Giving all that you need
Needing all you have
To cross the invisible seas
To go back home through the sky
To the limits
revisiting how you used to love it
A nigga spew through the music, acoustics, cool kid
Used to pursue excuses, truth is, I was truent in school
So its
with his bike 

And he's got Guthrie running in his bones 
He's the hobo kid who's left his home 
And his Beatles records and the Rolling Stones