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Peaked at # 2 in 1940, with competing versions by Dinah Shore at # 17 and by Bobby Byrne
	at # 19
Later charted by Perry Como (duet with Eddie
versions charted by Gordon Jenkins (#30) and Eddie Fisher (# 17)

Unless you give me your sunny smile
Unless you make living worth the while
Unless you
Words RW, music trad Irish: NancyÂ's Whiskey 1978

At age 14 they gave us training
To number off by threes and give salutes
To clean and fire the Lee
Oh I'm waiting by a phone
For the blessed ring
Like a holy grail
For a fisher king
Time is ticking down
Like a metronome
Rhythm for my brain
By the garbage cans the sits
In her hands she holds a plastic bag
She borrowed from the supermarket
Her eyes starring holes into the night
Let's Make a Deal at the dinner table 
Put you on tour, put your record on wax ("Trust me!") 
Sign your life on the X 
You eXit, X-off, but what you
I'm the blueprint, I have your clothes
Lookin' like they was designed by bullet holes and shoe prints
When I bless a joint, it's like Spock
Came up
packs of the beans
Rolling in stolen cars leaving accident scenes
Crazy Eddie envelope stacked in the back of my jeans
When you hear me rhyming wonder
below the Eddie Bauer shirt
Niggaz mean muggin' me but what that do
I'm a soldier till it's over 6-5 on my tattoo punk

So if you want funk you be
Wavy, I battle goons, you mad at whom, you outta tune
But I ain't worried, they versed me inside a padded room

My vibe humming it come from inside
while I reveal myself into the industry
By smokin lyrical chokin teacher provokin MC
Clear the way for me, unique, delete the weak
As I defeat the claim
wanted every cranny and nook,
Understand me nigga, my family is full of thugs and crooks,
Kings and queens protected by knights, bishops, and rooks