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[Leela James]
Had things on my mind
I tried to get by
Things ain't goin right
Workin day and night
Gon' keep on movin on
Cause a new day gon' come
[Leela James]
Had things on my mind
I tried to get by
Things ain't goin right
Workin day and night
Gon' keep on movin on
Cause a new day gon' come
Written by: Dash Crofts, James Seals
See the curtains hanging in the window
In the evening on a Friday night
A little light a-shining through
Evelyn sits by the elevator doors 
It's been thirty seven years since James dies on St. Patrick's Day in 1964 
But she could not hold it against
understand this thing that makes these rebels die
Yet all men love freedom and the spring clear in the sky
I wouldn't do this deed again for all that I hold
The sun is setting
And you're right here by my side
And the movie's playing
But we won't be watching tonight
Every look, every touch
Makes me
Written by James Raymond

look up my friend, see how the story ends
There's nowhere to run to and nothing to stop you
And no one to hold you down
By Walter Egan and Chris James

How come everyone says we're fine
It looks so different here inside
Too many nights we fuss and fight
A whole lotta
My neighbor Carl, he lives next door
Pink flamingos on his porch
At night he teaches driving school
And he sits out by his plastic pool
He takes off
I could move to Hollywood
Get my teeth capped I know I could
Be a big star on the silver screen
Just like James Dean, I could be a star
I could
the rebels down
They hoped to rule this land by fear
And hold it for the Crown
But a mighty thought was born in Men
When they killed James Connolly
Oh that
By Rebecca St. James, Becca Boucher, Butterfly Boucher And Joshua Thompson

Inwardly, I
See your smile
And I reach for, I reach for it
'Cause I know
[Busta Rhymes]
Why'know, my homey Treach from Naughty by Nature once said, 
"If you ain't from the ghetto, don't come to the fuckin' ghetto." 
the hero of the day 
But what if they should fall by someone's wicked way? 
Still the window burns, time so slowly turns 
Someone there is sighing

We hold the grail, the blood of christ
The dead sea scrolls revealed the truth
We felt the hypocrisy of the church
Lies and corruption spread by
Written by: tim james, steven mcclintock and marc mancina

The child in my eyes
Stares sometimes
When I was so much younger

A place in
tired of your Shit
You don't never buy me nothin'
See every time you come around
You got to bring Jim, James, Paul, & Tyrone
See why can't we be by
ol' James Brown

Over by my window sill
The moon was still
On my cigarettes and wine
Sometimes there's wear I pray to Jesus
Sometimes there's
Written by: tim james, steven mcclintock, phil coleman and george tobin

No, I'm not making that promise again
Nothing can change my mind
time, make your pretty face ugly
Hands by your side, stop tryin' to touch me
Let me soak it in, breathe, you smellin' lovely
Kiss yo belly button,
may be blinded by the scripts

Pass the L, the last to tussle in them shirttails
All hail, King Geedorah, the third rail
700 volts holds rap
If I Should Lose You
By James IntVeld

At times when I think 
Of life without you
I don't know where I'd stand
To face life's lonely burdens
Too Black Records

[James A. Smith]
Yeah, this is Jay

Hold on, Jay

[Too Black Records Representative]
Hey Jay, long
the feeling,
Music gave ya back in the day?"

Let's groove,
Earth, Wind and Fire.
Hot Pants by James,
Sly's gonna take you higher.

Minor keys
James line by line,
And tells me "Son, Jesus is the way."

Her husband passed in '85,
But she still keeps their love alive.
Kisses his photograph