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stopped when it hop like this family, uhh!
(Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!)

They say hola' hovito
That's what they sayin when I roll up with my people
My music
(J) uhh (A) uh-uh (Y) uh uh-uh
Ah ch-ch ah, ch-ah, ah uh-uh
Ah ch-ch ah, ch-ah, ah uh-uh
It's that hop I'm talkin bout right here Timbo!
why won't you wave your hands?

Have you ever walked in the shadow of a giant?
Not only a client, the presedito
Hola' Hovito', the game gettin' foul
of a giant
Not only a client, the presidito, Hola Hovito
The game getting foul, so here's a free throw
I was always on the other side of the peep hole
Then I
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