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Hokus Pokus

"Serial slaughtering stranglers 
Jugging Juggling juggalos 
Folded, fat, floppy-tittied freaks 
I see fuckin P's in the haugh"
like hokus pokus
King klick tokas, royalty smokers
Come around it disappears like hokus pokus
I'm gettin' amped up, in different states of mind
I hit
[Mr. Lil' One (talking)]
Aight, here we go
Oh yeah... triple sixin
Mr. Lil' One, GPA
And that mothafucka Shadow

[Mr. Lil' One]
Comin through my
says on with the show,
It's hokus pokus joker's,
Great milenko.
(once again, it's the psychotic carnival creatures in the haugh)
writtings, hokus pokus
Magic incense, blood and tears
Impeccable the ways of Heaven
To inflict terror and fear

All are born of woman
And the female is
of utter madness
We maintain we are in control
And ending life before deliverance
While countries are both bought and sold

Holy writings hokus-pokus
Sheba had nine lives that I could sleep in.
Sheba had the cutest little nose.
Sheba's lips by Interflora. Rollercoaster. Lizard Lick.
She stings
I head straight to her window for better focus. 
Hokus Pokus! 
I see the door serve light I let myself in. 
Head full of room with plans of murder
I head straight to her window for better focus. 
Hokus Pokus! 
I see the door serve light I let myself in. 
Head full of room with plans of murder
[Mr. Lil One]
Where's my G's at sippin Mickey's and wearing Dickies
Throwin up your set with a neck full of hickies
No I'm not Ricky but I live la
got a whole lot more weight to gain
And call me by my new name
(What is that?) featuring Lil Wayne


(My nigga, featuring Lil Wayne,
let it goooo

Yo, they call me Mr. Intellectual, I keep a bunch of vegetables
Carrots and the broccoli, how the hell can you stop me?
Naughty by
[Featuring Mac] 

[Master P] 

Dear Mr. President i live in the hood 

Where people live bad 

But say its all good 

And my homies
tu area
Causando desmadre, Ponte Trucha

[Verse One: Mr. Shadow and Lil' Rob]
As I enter I'm gonna representer Mayhem Click
So Let The Mayhem Begin
[Mr. Shadow]
Quivole Mr. Shadow Lil Rob VMF
On the board for the 98 and it won't stop
Check It

[Mr. Shadow]
It is I the unfadable lyricist
Everybody forgotten about me..
Will I ever, ever, EVER, be free?
Huh, uh, HUH?

[Lil Wayne - Verse 1ne]
Just when they thought it was safe
I picked up
the muthafuckin niggas with his tech.
He offered me a job said he'd front me what I needed
I said that I was with it dreamin one day I would be..
Mr. Big!

'cause you took my cash
One sight of abuse and I'ma whip yo' ***
C'mon man why you tryna rag?

Don't wanna let a *** off tha hook, wanna go by da book
Ey, Mr. Police is you hearin' me
You can do yo' J O be witout touchin', touchin' me
Ey ey, Mr. Police is you hearin' me
You ain't ass without cha
guard ya grill
'cause where ya goin you gotta watch your back
Judge, god damn another nigga didn't make it back (Mr.C)
My lil brother Kevin Miller rest
somebody gonna fade away

Lord, I got a lil' into trouble, down on Mr. Stovall's
Lord, I have got in a little trouble, way down on Mr.
Whoa! (It's Queen Bee nigga)
It's the jump off (Come on)

[Verse 1: Lil' Kim (Mr. Cheeks)]
I been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off (Jump
of Lil' Robs
Is ther anythin' that you would like to say 
To them Player Haters and if so what would it be

[Verse Two: Mr. Shadow]
Man I gotta give it
[Mr. Lil One]
Well it's the baddest mothafucka in the clok it's the mad men
Fuck what you claim and bicth you know my name
Mr. Lil One the little one
[Mr. Lil One]
HAHA motherfuckas
Mr. Shadow up in dis motherfuckaaa

[Mr. Shadow]
And '99 and on motherfuckas check it out

[Mr. Lil One]
For all your