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don't wanna live in the real world,
I don't wanna live in the real world,
Government mind control, MK Ultra,
Blah, blah, blah, blah, Miley Cyrus.

[Hook: Miley Cyrus] 
I'm in the club high off purp with some shades on 
Tatted up, mini skirt with my J's on 

[Juicy J x2] 
J???s on my feet
Baby-by, baby

Have you ever had a dream so real
That you felt the life you live was fake
And everything that you've encountered
Was the upgrade
me straight
I can't live without her I fuck her everyday

Shawty stayed by my side when I started grindin'
She da main reason why a nigga shinin'
miss me with broken favors
You Miley Cyrus to majors
You twerkin' on swollen razors (run now)
Dont make me come to dinnernail your tounge down
for breakfast

In the morning, I’m still geekin'
Lickin' Miley Cyrus for breakfast
3 bad bitches from the playboy mansion
I’m PeeWee Longway Hefner
way from that chirp
Strip pole in my bedroom
But I’mma kill my daughter if she twerk
I’mma kill my daughter if she twerk
Miley Cyrus is that bullshit