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with cigarettes and apple wine 
We'll hit the road again at ten minutes to nine 
Me and this girl I think she's pregnant 
And we're headed to San
a beat with my feet by just hitting a loop
Bringing the lyrics to prove that I can fit in these shoes
I give you the truth through the vocal booth
step on the gas
All around the world, we all want to go
Some take the road others go with the flow
U.f.o or mirrorball, disco dancing pussy galore
where it leads,
We only know it's long.

You have something to learn from me,
And I can learn from you;
You with your jokes and simple plans
And me
Learned to fly but I was broken
By a woman of 25
When I was just 19

Didn't know where to find myself
The rules they were not so simple
Makes no
long before I had your trust again
I opened up the doors when it was cold outside
Hopin' that you'd find your own way in
But how can I protect you
in the solitude of some transitory plan
Running from any constant connection.

And just as she might settle in
The orders came to leave again