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of, my nigga you stay up
Locked down now the town gettin' my pay up
It's Project Pat, the haters scream, "Oh no"
Hypnotize stackin' money by the boat
off your shoulders

(Project Pat)
Mister murderer robbers
Niggas with some charges
You fake mothafuckas
We gonna finish what you started
Yo heart is
Now youse a killa
So pull the trigger so
We can let the dice roll
Dem hollow tips in yo' shit'll leave a nice hole
It's Project Pat on the track
I don't want to go to county jail no more more more
Its a big fat policeman at my door door door
He'll snatch you by yo collar make you pay
[Project Pat] (talkin)
Hello, hello, hello?

[Boogelou] (talkin)
Pat, what's up man, what's up?

[Project Pat] (talkin)
Boogelou, what's up man?
they call it music but it seems more like a lie artificial life in the marketplace epic ballads by the musical whores life is so boring project theirs
will be in stores now 
or in stores right after this or sometime close around this
Go get the project pat album that's in stores right now
Cooked by
French braids, call me Project Pat
With the stocking cap, Jason mask on, probly strapped
It’s the Rocky cap, turn my swag on, holla back
Throw a dollar
phone, just got paged by a curly curly
Hit me on my horn three times if you want the crack
But fool don't be paging me no more for no credit sack
Yeah,it's on for the 1-9-9-9
Project Pat in this hoe
Putting this ghetto bump in ya speaker
Hypnotize done made it 
You know the business hoe
Nah, the
Underground album... ah shit. I don't even kno tha name of it. What is it?
Murderers & Robbers! Murderers & Robbers, and tha new Project Pat
hit tha gas hit tha break now swerve( swerve)
Ridin (ridin)
Swervin (swervin)
Ridin (ridin)
Swervin (swervin)

Project Pat

Now they was thinkin dirty
[project pat]
1 - walked up to your house
Knocked on your door and blast
Kickin' down your fuckin' shit
Then snatchin' up the mass
This is personal
[Chorus x2]
Still ridin clean, makin cheese, and gettin my dick sucked
Still makin cheese, ridin clean, and gettin my dick sucked

[Project Pat]
description might fit you,
Look around it might hit you, no joke, I wanna pistol fight with you
Shit comes around faster than you think
Blood and white chalk
When I was on the couch
My nigga walked in 
He said that hoe was stout
I hit it from the back
My nigga took her mouth

By love real my nig
(Project Pat)
As I sit in my cell, might as well be in hell
Left a dead, two on one, fourth floor where I dwell
Couldn't tell, thought you was a man,
{Project Pat} 
Don't you get mad at me cause your broad den chose-a
Glad to see the truck when I pull up
Gon' pop the lock big botty hoppin' in
The D and D the spot, GD's! VL's! 

[Chorus: Project Pat] 
Who the buckest up in here, who the buckest up in here 
My niggaz, my hood, so you cowards
night, I was in the bed, eyes red 
Thinkin' about project pat, and what the fuckin jury said 
Givin' him what they gave him, then they put him in handcuffs
To keep food in my tummy
Tha ghetty ghetty green
On them 20's ridin' clean
Cause paper chasin' 
Just I'm like a fiend
It's yo boy Project Pat
to hit ya from the back til ya holla, "Good lord,
This motherfuckin' dick good and it always be hard"

Give me a project bitch 
Give me a project bitch
To keep food in my tummy
Tha ghetty ghetty green
On them 20's ridin' clean
Cause paper chasin' 
Just I'm like a fiend
It's yo boy Project Pat
Shout out, to my man Lil Flip
Big Mo, Project Pat and the whole three six
Yea, I know about them Texas boys
Who keep a liter in the cup, and a heater in
Importing weapons
Put it on my beltings
Welp in your skeleton
Like a wicked witch
? ? ? ? see them bail

{project pat}
Be the next nigga to fall