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Dutch boy
And his little Dutch Girl
Fell in love by the mill one night

Up above, the Dutch moon made the scene complete
They both had so much moon, that
a little Dutch boy
And his little Dutch Girl
Fell in love by the mill one night

Up above, the Dutch moon made the scene complete
They both had so much
by the backyard swing
he's got that girl on a string 
Girl on a string, just a little play toy
Girl on a string, for a little bad boy
sings of a lost little girl's memory 
And now... 

As his dreams go flashing by 
He begins to hear 
A lonely lullaby 

Well now... 
We used
See the funny little clown
See him laughin' as you walk by
Ev'rybody thinks he's happy 
Cause you never see a tear in his eye
No one knows he's
the hall 
The outline of his features 
Were shadowed on the wall 
She stood a little nervous 
Half lit by the neon light 
That flashed in many colours
Quicklime girl

A harvest of life a harvest of death
Resumes its course each day
It comes as if by schedule
A harvester lifts his arms to the rain
and you'll be left behind to pay the toll
I may never pass this way again
Little girl wait for him he'll soon be on his way
Little girl you think within
you've found
Is every little girls dream

So I said, mama does love ever last
She says, where by now let the future come to pass
Just understand
He's the little pretzel man
He's got his twisted pretzel hands
He's got his a pretzel wife
That he's loved all his pretzel life

And he's got himself
To tell mother of such things
'Cause she would say...
You know you're wrong, little girl-
It's good that she knew him
For without her
And in this little yard, there's a little old man
With a little shovel in his little bitty hand
He seems to spend all his days puffing fags
the girl selling roses
Showed us how to live
We were blessed by the neglected child
Who knew how to forgive
We were blessed by the battered woman
rail and a short cross tie
I'm on my way back home

Little girl, little girl, what have I done
That makes you treat me so
You caused me to weep, you
no need in me beggin' her to stay
Ol' uncle Dave just shook his head and turned away
He said the girl turned ripe and the pickers came today
Fell in
comes in the night

Brings her no love but he's right

Little girl you're a pretty little girl
Yes he's right

Won't you come with me a while

a young girl's dream
And that young girl was who Eddie ran into
Over by the slot machines 

Her face was a little pale
Her dress was a little thin
You know me I like it wet, rode slowly
By the way baby, how old is you codie
You lookin' a little young to me
And how many you had that girl on,
the screen and take it off, off

See I can't wait till I get a little taste of you
And I just upgraded to 10-80i, hi def just for you

My digital girl, girl
Well he'd been hearing too many voices and feelin'a little off-rack
Like there was something big pressing down on his back
So he called up his
Why? Cause all the homies on me
Hey yo all the digital gonna have to do for now
But I'ma break it down when I get by your town

I love it girl
out in the country don’t make no plans
Grab a pretty girl, take her by the hand
Rockin’ out all night and roll back home
A little bit later on

Meet up
Bimbo is a little boy who's got a million friends
And every time he passed by they all invite him in
He'll clap his hands and sing and dance
Two little children a boy and a girl
Sat by an old church door
The little girl's feet 
Were as brown as the curl
That fell on the dress that she
Get down, get down, little Henry Lee
And stay all night with me
You won't find a girl in this damn world
That will compare with me
And the wind