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Just copped a maroon 5, no Adam Levine
Came a man by myself, only father was time
I know that she relate baby daddy ain't shit
So she raised that
Everytime the tire sounds the bell
Jj's back at home by five in the evening
With his wife his kids and his beer
He'll say he likes his life
But guaging by his
tell me where them niggas at before I take your ass hostage
He said "Alright. Around six around five
Of them niggas was riding around here in a maroon
asks you
Are you from Heaven or are you from Hell
You're from a pitch black toilet
In a highway Taco Bell

I'll remember the birth
For the rest
I left my anger in a river running highway 5
New hampshire, vermont, bordered by
College farms, hubcaps, and falling rocks
Voices in the woods
Look for me by moonlight;
Watch for me by moonlight;
I'll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way!

She twisted her hands
in their face.
A gun by your side
Revenge on your mind
Gone shooting!
Thrills in the night
Shiver your spine
Gone shooting!

An open highway
mad as hell
Cruising down the highway fast not slow
Ninety miles an hour in my five point o
People waving at me cause they know who I am
the street man
Within two minutes I had all my stuff together
I jumped in the car and was speeding down the highway past all the deserted cars
In five
1,2 the headline news just broke through
3,4 soldier, 100 horsemen at your door
5,6 you wanted dead or alive, hit
Overlookin' the skyline
Got money, wish it could buy time
Watch hustlas in they prime get confined to a 5x9, by a 5 star grind
I'm talking big money, boats
Yeah, D-Block
Styles P, you wit me dog?
Hell yeah, let's get 'em, yeah
Let's go

You get smacked with the hammer, nigga play your position
Styles: Pick up ya goddamn phone man, I keep tryin to call you
Jesus Christ boy, one

Yeah, D-Block
Styles P you wit me dog?
Hell yeah, let's
a dime? she a hell-a one
Still make her hop out and cop me a dutch, a vanilla one
Taught her how to murda the highway
Put her up on mean shoes like
this five year bender
Take me to my city by the bay

I never knew all that I had,
Now Alcatraz don't sound so bad
At least they have a hella fine
this five year bender
Take me to my city by the bay

I never knew all that I had,
Now Alcatraz don't sound so bad
At least they have a hella fine
When by the age of five
They found me walking into Clarksdale
Trying to keep my friends alive

No time for celebration
There was no known cure
to clean, hell na I can't speak
12 hundred on the jeans
5 hundred on the feet
3 goon chains a hundred 40 thousand dollars each
400 20 thousand, I can show
you are
Got a big old house, about 50 cars
And the ones I drive, what a hell of a ride
Built for a player when I lean to the side
My shit so dank,
wanted some more

(Uh! Bring it down now!)

(One time now! Overtown! Liberty City! Carol City! Highway 5! 15th!
61st! Yeah! Down south flavor,
I see my enemies they creepin, don't make me blast
I watch the five-oh's roll, the motherfuckers pass
By me like they know me, smilin as they
enemies they creepin', don't make me blast
I watch the five-oh's roll, the motherf***ers pa**

By me like they know me, smilin' as they laugh
I put up
It's about time to start another, robbing spree 
Cause yo, my way is highway, robbery, chump 
When I was up north, since 16 I was sending niggas
(Aye, lemme get a 8th a dat,)
(You know what I'm sayin' pourin' up by da treys)
(Yea aye what ya sippin' boy, aye what ya sippin' boy)
(Zone 1,
the sun set, with the streets niggas 'cause that's who I love
Standing next to Capo twin towers shoot up to the heaven sky
We rolling down the ninety-five