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We've been gettin' beat up by this ol' life,
Seems all we got left is Friday and Saturday night 
And sometimes Sunday if Monday is a holiday.

From our own love life
This has been denied
Many feelins high
Many tears of pride
But by the weekend
Let my spirit divide

	[Queen Latifah]
to begin 
We keep rolling as the day goes by, high

Can I get it a little something for the weekend?
Can I get it a little something for the weekend
know what's better for you
I'm tearing up the night
Lipstick and leather tight
Not looking for a fight no oh oh

High heels and cherry wine
off your sirens
Here comes the weekend,
Set off your sirens.

I just wanna play big city holiday,
So get out of my way,
If you know what’s better for ya
from the misses
Pounds from my brothers, 'cause they knowing that this is
The place to be to let it all out
But when the weekend come, the weekend
She shakes her head and
Looks at you and says, "ain't you good for anything"
And you say,

Every week has a weekend
By this time Friday night
If you know whats better for ya ooh
I'm tearin' up the night, lipstick and leather tight
Not lookin' for a fight, no
High heels and cherry
on the weekend, on the weekend, weekend)
This is for the girls comin' from nyc
I'm feelin' you like yous family
And everybody down from l.a. to dc
get together tonight, on the weekend, or what) 
I really don't know what to do 
I've never been in this situation before 

Weekend girl 
bitches don't know me, this shit is so lonely until she get naked
Don't even know what today is

But I'll be good by the weekend
I'll be good by the weekend
on lemon sips
We're all high high high, high high on wiggling hips
Ah ooh! you break off your plans for the weekend
And ah oh! you can tell them the dates
out sitting right here with me
And I get this ole feeling I just know

It's like Friday night
Working on a three-day weekend
Somethin' in a jar just
for the weekend

All this said and done
All the fights I've fought
Trapped each, other end
Waiting to get caught
Two words sitting in the air is all we
to be
For a weekend soldier on a killing spree

Just look and you'll find
I don't know this thing
Just look and you'll find
Who's free

Just look
Haul ass
It's me and you all weekend long
She just wants to leave this bar and hit a back road
Slide close, girl you got just what I want
She hit
First light I walk into the kitchen
Dishes from the dinner last night
The silence grips me by the window
Waiting for the time to come
I wanted
Gettin' high is like a bare necessity
Just the feelin' that I get sometimes get the best of me
I'm already in my own world
But now it's enhanced by this
in the moonlight
And by the way, let's fade it

Live it up for the weekend
Pour it up, have the time of your life
Take a shot for the regrets
was much too late
Call me good for nothin'
The weekend just went by so quickly

And now it's incredibly slow
If I hadn't acted so badly
Quicksand is a coat of arms,
Lose sleep, it's a liquid fiction.
? rights every Friday night,
Am I way cool with the lights on?

High tide tied
a high score of two gazillion in Tetris
Two-time recipient of the Nobel prize for super foxiest female ever
and war time consigliere to the Cosa Nostra
a high score of two gazillion in Tetris
Two-time recipient of the Nobel prize for super foxiest female ever
And war time consigliere to the Cosa Nostra
On a balcony over the sun
In a chair by the rail, high above everyone
We made love as the waves rolled in
And we owned that town for one weekend

needin' rain
This high-rise life she's a livin' 
Is beginnin' to get her down
But it's all better now
Cause her cowboy's back in town

So far the way