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and leavin'
I say you've been hurtin' needlessly
It's high time you were loved by the likes of me

I'd like to be at your beck and call
I'd like to stay
lead me to
But mischievous elf I labeled myself diablo
And did just exactly what she was sure I'd do
Now at her beck and call
She ties me to the strings
lead me to
But mischievous elf I labeled myself diablo
And did just exactly what she was sure I'd do
Now at her beck and call
She ties me to the strings
to find romance
Just by starting today

5 minutes away
You know I went
All around the world
To find it right at my door

5 minutes away, 5 minutes
you tell? and if we fail?
High speeds, and thai weed on the freeway
When will they learn to take it easy? uh
Drive-by's and niggas die, murder
the dough G and show me
I bet you I make em more pussy than Jonsy (meow*)
And show em How High I am just from the nosebleed (How High)
I keep it Naughty By
The brother from Brentwood, Long Island, nicknamed Swift Lip
I'm too smooth and yes, I groove to the Slam Track
Wit a Beck's in my right hand,
'Jams on it'
I'm not a role model, I cracks the Beck's bottle
Smoke blunts, play pretty MC's as sex models

So inhale, exhale, what you smell?
her hair high on her head 
Struggles to replace a false eyelash 
She powders up her face 
Paints her cheeks to match her lips 
She wears a dress cut low
I don't give a fuck about anything, that you're telling me
Cause right now it's all, irrelevant
I'm so high I won't, remember it
And I wish that this
for cubs
We wait tense
We're disappointed
She leaves her sprint loaded by others of us
The holts are evenly spaced, about five hundred meters apart
My pinky ring a v8, I filled it with carrots
I'm Popeye with spinach, till' the day I die I'm gettin' high

High, high, high, high, high, high
keep it gully
Rap creeps seem they got too much juice in they belly
It's why they brung V he still hungry
And spit something thick on the mic like
Bright first star
High as we are
We whisper while just beyond these walls
The engines roar
Gone five days
Then home by eight,
Ten mountain.
Ham hops, crack rocks, ooo-wops, cell blocks
Biscuits, gravy, smothered pork chops
Big diamond bracelets, mad lootin drug spots
High speed chases,
by his side
High overhead the grey hawk flew and swiftly did he ride
Saying "Course well, my brindled hound, and fetch me the jet black mare
sex rhymes
Snoop I got the presidential sex rhymes

My nigga my nigga my nigga

I'm on a private jet outta JFK
Sipin the Becks Feelin A OK
the cab, drunk as hell, weed and Beck's on my breath 

I'm undercover so I'm dressed in turtleneck and the vest 

Tec by the waist, yo cabbie make a left
Well, it's five o'clock in the morning
Feel just like the end of a mule
Somebody's been yawning
Trying to break out the rules.

Yes, it's high
recognize, I make a nigga eyes come alive 
off of five two fives; disguise the camouflage
I shoot a virus out of my spirals with mad priors
for takin mad
first but the suckers get worse
Allow me to include I have a very stable mood
Poetic education of a high altitude
I'm not an MC, so listen, call me
will you as she passes by

Oh, the cukoo is a pretty bird, and she warbles as she flies
But the Cukoo never warbles till the 5th day of July
See the faulty now 
See the dawn 
See clear 
Five six it's gonna be narrow 
By written law
For right of hollow form
By thy all night
pound walrus right through the walls 
That's right 
Mad like five gorillas in the vocal booth [mad like five guerrillas] 
It's all Turbo 
Yo Mom Duke,
your train roll by?

Nine sixteen and two forty four, twenty five minutes ?til five.
At nine sixteen, two forty four, twenty five minutes ?til five