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Music by 10,000 Maniacs - Lyrics by Mary Ramsey
Shards of glass cut through my gaze
Broken streamers hanging at my legs
Drunk and giddy full
Don't let the rain wash my heart
I've love in here but where do I start.
No more life to my shoes.
Don't look my way you know I'm bad news.
Never relying on my sanity, I through it away
To become the maniac that's got your attention today

I'm so, hidden and you're never gonna see
I'm cold,
in our mind

Under sand in sea
Covered with eternity
Beats a heart with no fame
Quietly whispering my name
When my time has run out
I will hear it very
by You alone
Hear my song, my Savior and my King


Every faithless mission
Every false ambition
Here, I lay them at Your feet
As in
another dream

Warmest disconnect by keeping all eyes in the dark
Smiling pushing through it all
Hidden in the pain hidden in the pain

Prepare the new sensation, 
that will leave us high. 

The wall around my heart's been defeated by you. 
You haunted my tomb. 
All I needed
find the hidden love
When its pouring down on me
In my mind I see
The rocking horse inside the tree

A broken heart means deeper feelings
A thorn
the river
Two hearts suspended in space
And there so high over the river
A miracle took place

I bow my head in silent prayer
And thank Him for the love
Not young not old
A long hollow glare
His breath had stopped
No hearts beat there
Is this a man
Should I believe hidden power
They all wondered why

I done showed the world
Now we finna wrap it up, ya know what I'm sayin'
Welcome to the mind of a maniac
What part of real you niggas don't
the river
Two hearts suspended in space
And there so high over the river
A miracle took place

I bow my head in silent prayer
And thank Him for the love
to the bone with apathy
A guest in my own home is how I feel
Dear sanity, I miss you so, come back to me
"there are no secrets in life, just hidden truths
And reveal what was hidden in plain view
This disguise was designed
To deflect what I couldn't show you

I'm cursed right to the bone with apathy
A guest in my
against the wall
If my heart wasn't in it
I wouldn't be here at all

Blow by blow
Well it's blow by blow
And here we go again
(here we go again)
are hidden by control
This is where the line is drawn, see
You can't take my soul away from me

What do you need to see? ya feel the impact?
back in line with my broken heart
New, you're so new
You, you're new
And I never had this taste in the past


And I can't believe it
the Nightstick's heart pumps lemonade
And whiskey keeps a blind man talkin' all right
And I'm the only one who knows just where he stayed last night

He was in
Are hidden inside Your hand
And in this fortunate turn of events
You ask me to be Your friend
You ask me to be Your friend

And You,
You are my
Show me the secrets enshrined
The hidden source of eternal wisdom
That dwells within the abyss
Infernal majesty
Guide me in my eternal
both know
Everything must go away
Ah, what do you say?
Spinning off, head is on my heart
It's like a bit of light and a touch of dark
You got sneak
and heart songs, senses and words
Or we could lose in our journey to the future

It matters

A person by my name and being existed
With a strong spirit
And by my heart be I woman
And by my eyes be I open
And by my hands be I whole

They say slowly
Brings the least shock
But no matter how slow I walk
When the mornin' comes
You'll know by my shoes I've been out walking
If I don't return
You'll know I've found something to believe in, to believe
In stillness and sameness and blue

And blue is the colour of my heart
Since you blew my senses apart
The feeling were back at the start never