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[Fat Joe imitating KRS-One]
Wa-ta-ta-tang, wa-ta-ta-tang, tang
Listen to my nine millimeter go BANG!

[sample - "Joe" by Jackie Moore]
the hands, or take it to the guns..
You know I can flow, the name is Fat Joe
I can flow, I can flow, I can flow

You gotta flow Joe, you gotta flow Joe
[Fat Joe imitating KRS-One]
Wa-ta-ta-tang, wa-ta-ta-tang, tang
Listen to my nine millimeter go BANG!

[sample - "Joe" by Jackie Moore]
can see the flashes on the frozen ocean, static charge of the cold emotion
Watched on by the distant eyes - watched on by the silent hidden spies
Artist: Fat Joe f/ Armageddon, Tony Sunshine
Album: Loyalty
Song: All I Need
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[Talking: Fat Joe]
Cool & Dre
Who you
The Fat Gangsta

Here comes the nigga from the East 
Who just been crowned for most hated by police 
The public enemy  rapper at large
the salamanders showing
Of the "touch of evil" tinted black and white
Seventeen fat ripe rats hold stacks of juniper pie aloft
Thirty-four clever rat hands are
[Intro: Fat Joe]
Ollie ollie oxen free!
Like one, two, three
Red light, green light, one, two, three
Yo I pop six boxes, play some scalezes
nigga started this shit


Be careful what you ask for, Joe got bagged
He got knocked by the feds for some things in his past
Now he rattin'
down to fuck tonight
Ladies, fellas, the won't stop players

[Fat Joe]
Came through the door, seen it before
Hands touchin' the ceiling, booty

You think your a tough guy right (tough guy)
Your not, your a pussy, cause your afraid if you rat on Fat Joe

Aw, sorry, sorry, hold up, hold
right now, pick up a pound
Enjoy and lounge with style, y'all know my name by now

[ chorus ]

[ outro: fat joe ]
No doubt
Cuban link, baby
found my soul mate finally
But one day I found out she actually owned a copy
Of Joe dirt on DVD

Oh, no! I said
Hey! Are we lobbing hand grenades, kiddo?
at Sloppy Joe's
The drinks were standin' tall
With Buffett on the jukebox 
And Hemingway on the wall.

Then up spoke Sam the Shrimper:
He said, "I've been
grown, and I got dreams of my own
My whole team on the throne, living like kings out of Rome...It's on!

[Forte' - Chorus 2x]
[Fat Joe - Verse 3]
a symphony composed of killers and armed forces
Livin for whatever it cost's, crimb bosses

It's goin down by the year 2 G
I'm goin be flyin through
side lift your hands and let me hear you dash
Bring up the sound and let it rise
Because this big fat jam will take you by surprise
It's just another
fade ya like a record, I'ma play ya
Like suede Pumas, clides, fat laces on a mayor
Deliver like a mailman, slide into your crib-o
Rather have a limo
Yeah. Uh. Joe crack the don!
Ton' Sunshine. Terror, uhh
Terror squad, its our time!
Uhh, yea, hand it ova
Uh, yo, uh-huh, what, yea, uh... woo
so you know my ass high
Funk made by my nigga named X,
Bitches with the fat lips and fat ass, I want to sex
Check this, nuts to your chin now fin,

No hands  my favorite type of windmills 

Only now and then do I drink champagne 

Like I said in Big Up I strictly fucks wit Covasea 

from the beginnin'
You know the suckers hand be hidden
Intense knocking your block with some sense
Pe got more jewels than dead presidents
the sword
The forbidden
The six man be sinning from the beginning

The suckers hand be hidden
Knocking your block with some sense
PE got more
from my cock I don't feel shit
So check me the original joe pesky freak the sexy
I got more gadgets than the inspector, go-go jet-skis
Then swoop
Baby, if you wit' it, just clap yo' hands
Stop playin' girl, back that ass up and
Spend that cash dog, drink the Henny and
Freak that girl like