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City so I can holla hey y'all
Head out to California I love some Arizona
Vegas and Oregon they always have some country fun
Stop in Oklahoma Wyoming
Thank y'all, how y'all doin'? Yeh, my names Colt Ford
I just came here to do a little song for y'all
'Bout where I come from, the way I see it
yee-haw and then we saddle up

You thought your boy Colt Ford was just a country clown
That bails hay all day and don't know how to get down
Ain't none
to earn your keep, 
But in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,

I know some of y'all think Colt's kinda odd, 
But I'm loud, proud and country by
on the tailgate
Been doin' this for some years, y'all so late (so late!)
Bangin' OutKast and a little George Strait
Hot damn, Colt Ford back with Bubba K

the liquor to myself
Got a little wealth so I gotta thank the Lord,
Couldn't do it by myself, got some help from Colt Ford
Now we in a Ford, and we travel
cups an'
Day drinkin' when it's half-past noon
But there ain't no party like my dad's pontoon

Hey ya'll, all aboard
Moonshine Bandits, floatin'
and the rumors
Got me thinkin' of this dub
By Timex Social Club

Yo, word to my momma
I'm high off the trauma
Whitey Ford gets deeper than subway trains
What can be better
Than a big ol' mouthful of Titty's

Come on, boys, girls too
Hey Colt, let's get us a six pack on that motorboat
Yeah, I
(I'm going straight to 50,000 biatch!!!)
Thuglife niggaz (I'm out on bail)
Out on Bail (Hey, hand me some motherfuckin' Colt 40's from the fridge
I want the
Ten piece hey I got me some now I don't give a fuck but uh huh yeah you
All ain't gonna know nothin' bout this O.G. shit 
Unless you
than givin' the feds the satisfaction 
Subtractin' my freedom have me missin' in action 

A fraction of y'all, raw like Colt to the jaw 
The rest
I want the
Ten piece hey I got me some now I don't give a fuck but uh huh yeah you
All ain't gonna know nothin' bout this O.G. shit 
Unless you
of a century
Nigga they mention me in the news 
Always negative
What y'all know about me 
to be steadily speakin of what I did
y'all be speculatin
One day my
perpetratin' a fraud
Your rhymes are cold wack and keep the crowd cold lost
You're the kind of guy that girl ignored
I'm drivin' caddy, you fixin 'a ford
My name
Bellisle be Bellisle
Bell-Bellisle Bell-Bell-Bellisle
Hey Kid Rock, tell 'em how your livin
Man I spend my birthdays at Denny's eatin southern
Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)

Hey yo dog
I got some shit on my motherfucking chest that
I need to get off 'cause
If I don't
I'ma fucking
Hey, homeys!
Who me?
Yeah, that's right. You the fly hustler.
Ya'll still sellin' that fake Louie, huh?
Hey! Don't be turnin' the high side up in
[Prelude: Tonic]
Yah, you know my signature
Be the Tonic with my man Earthquake and we be the Gift
Constantly surrounded by The Movement in