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(Eddie is a jinx)
(Eddie is a jinx)
Hey Eddie please don't help me
This is a job I can do by myself
There is no need for you to stay
Please, Eddie
Sporting Miss Rita back by his side

And they'd sing
Dance a little closer to me
Hey, dance a little closer now
Dance a little closer tonight

and a darn good dancer
   They'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime
Eddie played the steel guitar, and his mama cried cuz he played in the bars
Rita was sixteen years
Hazel eyes and chestnut hair
She made the Woolworth counter shine

And Eddie was a sweet romancer
And a darn good dancer
and a darn good dancer
   They'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime
Eddie played the steel guitar, and his mama cried cuz he played in the bars
lookin' for true love
No, he didn't believe in that stuff
Eddie LeGrande was a hard workin' man
Who just needed a little good luck

His shoes were
So if you want to have fun,
Honey lets have a roll in the
Hey good-lookin' country gal
Hey good-lookin' country gal

Mouse in the corn crib. Pig
a celebration, oh

I live in America
Said, I live in America
Wait a minute

You may not be lookin' for the promised land
But you might find it anyway
of the man in black
No long white cadillac
No woman standin' by her man
In the place where it all began

Hey good lookin', hey momma tried
Hey gambler, hey
the rap by rattin' on some cats that mack
He said, "Hey, I know i'm dangerous, but it sure beats Riker's"
yo, the next day my man got wacked by the same
make a little beef flambino.
It's-a like-a vino.
Kid you're good-lookin',
but you don't know what's-a cookin' till you
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey
to the mic man? 

That's how I kicks it, for Eddie Decker 

Ey yo, good lookin' out Don man peace 
Punji, yo who gets the Gas Face? 
Little Vic for
you in the trunk, Earl
Is that alright?  Good! Let's go for a ride, Earl, hey!
Ooh hey hey hey, ummm hey hey hey, hey hey hey
Bet you'll be glad to know
I got a brand new girlfriend
She took my broken heart
And patched it up again
She's good lookin'
And she drives
I got sand all by my bath water, candles by my wine glass
Women all on my time, imagine how my time pass
They say them freaks come out at night
The clubs used to say nay
Back in the day I had to pay but now everybody say hey!
You lookin good bro, you makin good dough
I be like yo you
What it is is bullshit Colt
45 another gun to the brain
Who's sellin' us pain
In the hood another up to no good
Plan that's designed by the other man
To tell the truth, well I amaze myself, hey how
am I so good, well I really don't know
But I know that there's no other, quite like Tito when I'm
floor, three room apartment
Where everything in it's paid by the state, but there's never enough
While down on the street, wind blows the trash 'cross
good lookin" with the sweetest position
"Get inside the car so I can crank the ignition
You got some trouble, I handle him fo' ya
We cruise around in
repercussion, cause mass destruction
Fuck around strain ya til ya plan malfunction
Sit cha ass down, hey, bouncin' out ta flushin'
Check extra P by the boom
And it made me stop and stare
The way he held his hands before him
Looked like he was lost in prayer

Hey son, what are you lookin' at?
Why do your
as they flew in the air
Butter actin' up and grabbin' stuff by the pair
Gina at the door cause she good with the gun
They both grabbed the money and run
well, well, well
Choke out
Here I come again

There's always some good lookin' girls
Hangin' 'round this famous place
Well, hey, there's always some good
(Right on!)
Ride on red hot mama
Girl, you sure look good to me

Be my dog!
You look good, girl
Carry on!
Get funky?

Hey baby
Be my dog