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You in the club or the car
Wherever you are
Run and tell the DJ
Run it back on replay (hey)

In this club
In this club
(Ladies can I put this
the grime remix
Hello good morning
Let's go
Hello good morning
Know you been waiting
For it
Hey yo skepta

Walked into the club and I got two sexy girls
I'm the king, y'all know that
She the queen, came right back

Yea yea

(Oh remix!)

Now baby girl there ain't nothin' more that I can say
You know by
Hustle Gang

West Side, Bankhead,(remix) that's where I'm from
Everything y’all did
It been done
My Tru game and my shoe game
You can’t touch that
at the radio like the DJ's can see me
I'm screamin so my windows got steamy
Every song sounds the same, if they're lookin for fame
why do their