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Inez Andrews, The Baron Sisters,
Clay Evans, and Father Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer

Jesus can work it out
Jesus can work it
Inez Andrews, The Baron Sisters
Clay Evans and Father Hayes
And the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer

Jesus can work it out
Jesus can work it out
Friends, my name is Ferlin Husky.
I'd like to tell you 'bout a man that let alcohol 
destroy everything that God gave him

I saw an accident one
world was lucky to see him born.

You Nazis and you fascists tried to boss this world by hate;
He fought my war the union way and the hate gang all got
bleeding the everything
They're soiling the brilliant green
And I'm drowning for the water's sake

Our footsteps worn
From years of rain
And he held my
Oh oh oh oh oooh

On the second day, you took some clay
And he shaped your waist
Then he begin to paint that perfect picture
That's your face
And I was willing to play my position, yeah
When you made me your wife-to-be
You were right by my side
Through all the changes
We've been through
 And they hopped a southern diesel train 
 Headed to Atlanta 
 My hometown 
 Where she danced all night 
 In a go-go bar 
 And he tried his
on the field
So devoted for
Final victory clutch they went postal cold
Glory overload
Hold up hold my coat
Please remember this day
This changes everything
like a {O.G.}
Go roll he's OD by a {O.G.}

Marvin Gay, Quincy dog, that's a {O.G.}
Billy Holiday, Cassius Clay that's a {O.G.}
Black Child nigga,
like a {O.G.}
Go roll he's OD by a {O.G.}
Marvin Gay, Quincy dog, that's a {O.G.}
Billy Holiday, Cassius Clay that's a {O.G.}
Black Child nigga, I'm
I know it's past visiting hours
But can I please give her these flowers?
The doctor don't wanna take procedures
He claim my heart can't take
and Evan from the
fucking Bio, yo we down for survival with acid raindrenched skin infest-
ed by termites, hermaphrodites on bikes swing spikes, think
everything in town, and he got that smile down 

Now let's break down the meaning of a smile 

Is it happiness and blissfulness? Well let's go down
Opened up my eyes, and to my surprise,
There stood Homer, and his temperature risin'.
I was chillin', he was yellin',
Face all distorted, 'cause
I had nothing better to do: all my friends had gone, and he'd bought me a drink.

"That winter," he said, "I went back to the family house, which
son, I get dumb 
Word to my mother the father the holy ghost and Rev Run, 
When the Source set it down, I'm inner serviced 
To cop the type of verses
and Rev Run
When the Source set it down, I'm inna service
To cop the kind of verses that average emcees will worship

My style is milk of magnesia,
homie into everything he told me
To put it down like the one and only
Baby open your eyez and adjust to the scenery
I don't think he really knowin'
up in my camp
And I'm just seein' Lars
I been a heavyweight, Muhammad Ali
And if he can mold that out of "Clay"
Then I can turn the Lil D
So now
of the walls are ears, all the windows, eyes :
Everything else is foreign,
'Home' is my wordless chant :
Give it a chance!
I am surrounded by
of the budget
And I'm a must of the crunk shit
You don't know the meaning of dope anyhow
You probably think I'm a joke by now
But we got more clay
a stampede of his fumbling green gentleness

You stopped by, I was all alive
In my doorway, we shucked and jived
And when you wept, I was gone
See, I got
much love for my nigga named Screw
The Kici's in this bitch, my nigga Jonathan
I got about 6 or 7 pounds from him
He broke em all down and we all got