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Are you listening Billy Christian if you are then come on home
Everything is like you left it I spent all my time alone
Guitar pickin' never
don't feed no one 
Til' all this preachin's done, oh no 

I just thought I heard the choir singing 
My old favorite song 
That old harmony is still
the trees
And the radio's singing song
All the favorite melodies

He was a navy man
Stationed in Newport news
She was a high school queen
With nothing
Now live in the underground

Life before the lobotomy
Christian sang the eulogy
Sign my love a lost memory
From the end of the century

Well, it's
Those crazy Christians

Instead of being outside on this sunny afternoon
They’re by the bedside of a stranger in a cold hospital room
And every now
The servants you know are in song I don't believe it
The brothers are christian boys don't you believe it
Because all of their games are of killing
I think of soap operas
And what makes them so popular
The answer's posing in front of my eyes

Here comes our hero in hand-me-downs
And he's
far from God.
He won't accept me again.
Can't you just hear my cries and let me in?
Who are you to tell me if I'm right?
Should Christians walk by faith
when i think of soap operas
and what makes them so popular
the answer's posing in front of my eyes

here comes our hero in hand-me-downs
and he's
a angel in the lobby
He's waiting to put me in line
I won't ask forgiveness
For my faith has gone dry

She's got her Christian prescriptures
And death
(He's got to be clean
He's got to be clean, ahhhh!)

I wash my hands whenever I eat
And in the bath I wash my ears,
My elbows and feet

you go brave
Oh my sweet instant Christian you are such a sly clown
Too many questions, no replies now
'N rejoice for the king ain't lost his throne,
the city walls,
The Heathens were flying and screaming and dying,
And the Christian swords were strong,
And Salad in ran when he heard their victory song
like to know what's in my pocket or not
It's no ploy, it's no gimmick,
It's the chance of a lifetime to see something that's never seen by mere mortals
his holy name.
Most highly favored lady, Gloria!

Of her, Emmanuel, the Christ, was born
In Bethlehem, all on a Christmas morn,
And Christian folk
an angel in the lobby
He's waiting to put me in line
I won't ask forgiveness
My faith has gone dry

She's got her Christian prescriptures
And death has
on, but take you out by the Spirit and the Word
One by one you'll drop  like flies under foot and in the ground
Because greater is He who is in me
All of the maidens all of the men
Were taken by her beauty

She'll give her life
Before she even knows it
Chanting Christian vows
She barely
By the foolish words of men
They say that God is oh so tasteless
But they've never tasted Him

Ah, I gotta express my point of view
To the world, so
what it?s all about

don't let the sunshine fool ya
Don't let the bluebirds tool ya
Don't let the women do ya
Put your hand in mine

Oh, Fanon street in
and watch the suds go by.

When I recovered from the sock, I went along my way.
I'd gone no further than a block, when there to my dismay,
the chamberlain said "Lord, we must call upon our foes
In Spain and France and Germany to end our bitter wars,
All Christian men must be as one and gather for
to lick the cock of christ
To drink the sperm for Satan
Whore Maria si my name"

The mother of all innocence
A ridicolous bitch she was
Blinded by the holy
life with his words,
Killing me softly with his song 

He sang as if he knew me in all my dark despair.
And then he looked right through me as if I
those proud shoes walks all over the sky
Then he tipped his hat just like Don Quixote
And said don't let the rapture pass you by

In the neon