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the breeze
The leaves are flying, everybody feels nice

Just say, oh God, thanks for all he wonderful things
You even see a little snow sometimes but you
the doctor,
"She's very low," he said;
Went back to see my baby
Good God! She's lying there dead.

I went down to old Joe's barroom,
On the corner by
So this dude that, I ended up partnering with later on, his name’s James McMillan,
He comes and gets us to these meetings and shit, somehow,
crossed between his feelings and that Oklahoma sky

Another time and in another place
He might have rode with Jesse James
And though he
that went by she said 
She'd always love him
And from the day that he died
She never loved again

In his wallet she kept in her nightstand 
An A.A.
somebody's God fix this?
Can't any body's God fix this?

What kind of God would stand by?
What kind of Spirit or Lord on high
What kind of God? What kind
And give up the fight
'Cause trouble had been Paul's middle name
Ever since he'd been captured by God's blinding light
But just when his hope should be
and the democrats would gloat 
But they're all amazed when Rutherford Hayes 
Wins by just one vote 

D:James Garfield, someone really hated 
Cause he was
[Originally by Slaughter And The Dogs]

I Saw You Down James Bar
I Thought You Were Some Kind of Movie Star
You Got That Look That Turns Me On
I Want
But I think that him and Lorrie were a thing
Well come now that I think about it
He don't say much of anything

Her kind of loving is a little
James line by line,
And tells me "Son, Jesus is the way."

Her husband passed in '85,
But she still keeps their love alive.
Kisses his photograph
I asked this god a question

And by way of firm reply,
He said -- I'm not the kind you have to wind up on sundays.
So to my old headmaster (and
can sing
Them blues like blind Willie McTell

There's a woman, she's standing by the river
She is with some fine young handsome man
See he's all dressed
Written by James Young
Lead Vocals by James Young

Half penny, two penny, gold Krugerrand
He was exceedingly rich for such a young man
in Liverpool by the sea 
But that ain't who I am, 
Lord have mercy 
On the frozen man.

It took a lot of money 
To start my heart, 
To peg my
just stood still
You were a quiet kind of person
Who asked for nothing and got just that
So they sent you away to kill for your country

Could you
He could die today at war
He loves the life God's given him
But he loves his country more
Baby, that's the kind of love you're in

And the man that she was pleasing was a king 
But her people's lives were threatened 
By some wicked men's plans 
Nobody knew just how the lord was gonna
God is comin' on day number seven
And he won't call me a nigga when I get to heaven

The same white man that threw me in the slammer
He bombed
that b**** can't stay with me
Swear to God on my Grannie
Rest in peace to, Annie
Now the b**** got two daddies
This a reunion, no family
I wanna
and he's from Cleveland

He said, "I love you" and he tried to console her
Prayed together, cried together, held one another
But something said to him that
girls go
Stop makin' shit
That's for sure
At least she can do James Brown
She can do any of you larger chicks
She was movin' her feet, she was movin'
Did you ever hear the story of the Christmas tree
Who just didn’t want to change the show
He liked living in the woods and playing with squirrels
there must be kind folks by the bushel
But I just believe that in this one old man Lord put something special

Why I've seen times when folks was sick
Only difference is Chuck might give you that call
To march on Friday, yeah, it's kind of frightening
Let me move so I don't get hit by the bolt