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Style 1.2 Here we go!!
広がる世界 とどまる事を知らない
Wild Style 1.2 Here we go!!

Check it out 行くぜオレら
Seems that I've been here before
Here before, but I never learn

Slowly turn

Time stay gone, we never saw it go
Now what do we
Here we go, here we go, we go, we go

In the middle of a fight, I'm so cool
Everybody want it hot I go through
All of this half of which would have
ways (go go go go) 
50 ways to flip a style 

They said "hey snow man is there something we can do 
To hear another wicked style yes coming here
I wanna go to the riverbank
Right down the road, we'll take it slow
If I can get my truck to crank
I wanna lay with you there in the sand
funky style)

(Funky child) (Funky funky style)

Well um, back up baby, here come the schooler
We're hit when we dry crawl and hit rock 'n' roller
should be mayor

Now me, myself and I, we three bad motherfuckers
Here to eliminate suckers
I came to rock a party, are you ready?
Get your Aunt Millie's
they'd be here by nine
And Deb said she might bring a friend
Just my luck, they're right on time
So here I go again

I'm gonna smile my best smile
And I'm
Ye man, we read in the Bible 
And over stand
It's telling us of all the false prophets
When the Messiah's
Gonna come down here
Them a gonna'
butts witta match and a Newport
Here we go, we go, we go again, witta flow we know, we know it's in
(Def play like Poppa Simpson)
you even try to flow
Find a style of rhymes that go
Go exactly with the way that you choose to
Not the style that we're used to

(The style that you're
that style

Here we go again
I don't know, I don't know what I'm sayin'
Hey man, hey man I sure don't feel the same
She likes to say what she's
your fuckin' head

MZA who was that? Aiyyo, the Wu is back
Making niggaz go, bo, bo, like on Super Cat
Me fear no one, oh no, here come
The Wu-Tang
what we're here for
Don't look up, just let them think
There's no place else you'd rather be

You're always on display
For everyone to watch and learn
it wrong

Our time is wasting
We don't want to waste it
If we don't go out of our minds...

We going... out in style

Changes come and they go

	(Funky child) (Funky funky style)  (Scratched by Lord Jazz 6x)

Well um, back up baby, here come the schooler
We're hit when we dry
the digits
Nine-five-five BONE and baby gets with it
So I send a shoutout to you 
Thanks for being my homie lover friend

(Here we go my friend) A homie
this time in, oh you got energy, ah your time to get lively here

You got di right time to wind up your ways
New style becau' we dep on dem case
Oh gosh
By the ranks or single file
Over ev'ry jungle mile
Oh, we stamp and crush
Through the underbrush

In a military style
In a military style

is all right by me,
And I kinda like that style

Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Here we go again
I don't know, I don't know,
What I'm sayin'.
Hey man. Hey man.
P.L.O. style Buddha monks with the owls
P.L.O. style Buddha monks with the owls
P.L.O. style Buddha monks with the owls
P.L.O. style

Here comes
The hysteria starts, multiplied two times
Supplied by the vibes, here's a run wild style
They can't match, in the back of my vocab batch
If you come in
A night in Dublin, a night in Cork
We're on the way to Connemara, we are leaving for New York
A day in coaches, a day in trains
We go by
rather sour

As we go driving by
I may spit in your eye
Or throw a snake in your milkshake
To make you cry

'Cause we're the grapes of wrath
So stay out
and me will always be
Just looking for something that's already happened
Years go by but you and I don't have to look beyond today

Maybe just for