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Here we come a-caroling,
Among the leaves so green!
Here we come a-wandering,
So fair to be seen!

Love and joy come to you,
And a merry
taking a chance"
We was getting up, getting ready to leave
When somebody grabbed old Jim by the sleeve
And this good looking girl, she was asking my
Jim said yeah 'cause we got time to kill
We kept on rolling and I seen this spot
And we pulled into the parking lot
Of this place called the Cloud
voice, lift up your voice
Rejoice, rejoice

Here comes Frank and poor old Jim
They're gathering round with all my friends
We're older now,
You can follow me, to the promised land.

I've got guns, I've got dynamite
CNN is my satellite
You'd better not, come inside
'Cause no one here is
(Lift up your voice, lift up your voice)
(Rejoice, rejoice)

Come on
Come on
Come on
Here comes Frank and poor old Jim
From on the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe.
Here she comes, whoo oo oo oo, hey Jim, you better get the rig.

Whoo oo oo oo, she's got a list
you'll lose!

Here comes two big pioneers, rolex watches
Cars by the pairs, in stock we got shares
EPMD "that's right!"
Legendary, hardcore b-boy is
Jim to the dogs, Peter to the dance.
A cousin of mine goes potholing,
A cousin of here's loves Joe Dolan.
Summer comes around each year,
We go there
Yea-uh, here we go here we go here we go
Talk about that Word of Mouf baby
Yeuh, yeuh yeuh yeuh yeuh! Here we go, here we go
Ludacris, 4-Ize, D.E.
(Two Of Dem) 
A Big Profit In That Greenery 
We Not Stoppin By The Beach Just For Scenery 
When Here It's 45, Up Here It's 65 
Meet U In Carolina
would Marie Antionette say?
We made a vow on the Champs Elysees 
That nothing would come between us 

The Mona Lisa, I said, "She smiles just like she
If you come with me then I can show you
Where we'll take you where you dare not go to
Follow me and let my mind control you
Where rebuild
[Cam'ron talking]
Aiyo, come on home wit us man Harlem World U.S.A. man
Take a walk wit us on our block man, See how we live, DIP SET!

come here"

Or the ultimate irony, a guy with a voice box pulling up to the drive
Through window at Mcdonald's, that has to suck, huh?
"Can I help you?",
listen, ah, do you know how...
Do you know how to get to the chateau mormon from here?
Not it by the, by the airport?
No no, we don't, we have
How about some drink, yes some gin rummy
After that, come here and sit down
And put on tenderoni by mister bobbi brown
We waste no time, it was time
Oh oh oh oh.)
When I gets messed around with I?m the one, one

[Jim Jones]
Aye we jus havin fun out here, you understand me?
You said you up
This is the swingin-est place
In New York City

(Chorus line) NO SHIT!

How true it is
Me and my girlfriend, we come here
Every night looking for that
Clark, send me your money
Here comes another con hiding behind a collar
His only God is the almighty dollar
He ain't no prophet, he ain't no healer
Brother Clark, send me your money

Here comes another con hiding behind a collar
His only god is the almighty dollar
He ain't no prophet, he ain't
Performed by Jimmy Buffett, The Great Gonzo, and Rizzo The Rat
From Kermit UnPigged - Jim Henson Records BMG Kidz.

Rizzo: Hey Look Gonzo,
sir here we go
Jim Jones see'est see'est bon Santana magnifique
You niggas know Holla at me if there's any beef
Yes sir, huh
I know in vise versa we
smokin blunts, countin cheese
Fucking bitches til they assholes bleed
What you say ba-by

All I want is hoes, big booty hoes
Check it out, here's another
Yea this sound like a movie right here
Well fuck it, here go the soundtrack!
Bullets and guns moke! Dipset!

If we was playing pro-ball,