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to live without her and survive

Here it comes, it looks just like the last wave I drowned in
Here it comes and I'm so far from shore
She's going to go
Err, here we go again
Uh, un-hunh
Uh, un-hunh
Uh, un-hunh
Yeah, yo Kiss
What up dog?
These niggas running around here like they controlling
to you 
That's what I'll do 

Oh here we go again
Oh here we go again
Oh here we go again
Oh here we go again

I'll sit out on the front sofa while
on, givin' life back again, and again
Fly on, fly on, fly on my friend
Go on, live again, love again

Day after day, night after night
Sittin' here
as I try I know I can't quit
Something about you
Is so addictive
We're falling together
You'd think that by now I'd know
'Cause here we go go go again
against the wall
If my heart wasn't in it
I wouldn't be here at all

Blow by blow
Well it's blow by blow
And here we go again
(here we go again
and go
There's laughter and there's pain
Your kindness leads me on
To the light again
So I live and breathe
And find myself in You

I live to know
change again
The way that we are changing
Well, you'll forget the chill of love
But not the strain

Now I know
Well, I was wrong
To live for a dream
If I
could have been
If we could just start all over again

And I'll never be the same without you here
I'll live alone and hide myself behind my tears
they'd be here by nine
And Deb said she might bring a friend
Just my luck, they're right on time
So here I go again

I'm gonna smile my best smile
And I
a reason, I can't explain
Why we hurt one another again and again
As I lie bleeding here I still
I still reach for you

A thousand days
Have passed away
Woh, I'm broke again
Blew my money on the smell of gin
Woh, here I go again
Fallin' down on the same old sin

Oh I know, I know
I know I
many times have I seen
You give me just what I need
Whoa, whoa, here I go again
I forget, You’re gonna work it out somehow
You think that I’d know by
Turns inside of me
It´s ever changing

Here we go again
We´ll start another fire
Here we go again
I´ll do the open rope
Here we go again
Still I've gotta live my life here
With some pretty scary brethren
But now I'm forever on a mission, baby
To live and die by my smile.

And if
at night

I crave your touch to chase my blues away

And nothin I could say to make ya stay

Here I go again,into the night


I can't live with
'em again, ain't nobody gonna mind

Here's to the good old boys, the guitars that made the noise
And all the girls that we annoyed, and the ones we
And this dis goes on, again and again
Uh, Uh

I think it goes, ya live by the dirt, ya die by the shovel
You can repent and come with god or you can know
Have I told you,
This is just the beginning

Where did some go
To walk here again
Where is this life
To live here again

Close your eyes
And come with me
Then here your memory comes again
Just when I think my broken heart would mend
I think I'm over you and then
Here your memory comes again

I've been
the haunted eyes that call
no one laughed as madness came out
To play it's game
If you stay too long you'll finally go insane

Rise up to the shining
Here we go round again
Day after day I get up and I say
I better do it again

Where are all the people going
Round and round till we reach
summer garden
Where the boys grew in the trees

Here I grew guilty
And no one was at fault
Frightened by the power in every innocent thought
home again!"

After we've talked of everything
Then I'll get a restless spell
I'll walk by the house
Where she used to live
I hope she married well
Written by Wiley Walker and Gene Sullivan
Recorded by Hank Snow

Verse 1:
Memories that linger in my heart,
Memories that make my heart grow cold,