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There was a thick set man with frog eyes
Who was standing by the door
And a little bald man with wing-nut ears
Was waiting in the car
Well Robert
There was a thick set man with frog eyes
Who was standing by the door
And a little bald man with wing-nut ears
Was waiting in the car
Well Robert
the can
We come from the bottom, upper echelon
I came here to serve you, need some cash on delivery
I just hope she washed her mouth out before you kiss
lays here

And all my friends, when they drop by
Can drop a quarter down
And hear robert johnson's cry
A flood of memories
Come wave by wave
jimmy's grown this year says mommy quick come here
Santa's sweaty and he smells like beer
And he says, kid shut your mouth
You give me a headache
The money goes round and around and around 
And it comes out here when they've all taken their share 
I went to see a solicitor and my story was heard
now who thought I'd be satisfied
With just one guy by my side
Oh Lordy, Lordy look at me
But hon you're different from the rest
I'm here to confess
kicked up a storm
Who big her up now me and robert and shaun
Whole heap of entertainer come come step pan me corn
Now she was a top ten lady from
I look at Julia Roberts 
And you're just the poor jerk that I walk on by 

And it makes me happy 
It makes me smile 
For a while 

these niggas tattle
I sneak move get the drop, one shot without the gun battle
So when you run the lead travel
I come through it's taboo
Ninety-six ways
World is just around the corner 
In the Soviet Union a scientist is blinded
By the resumption of nuclear testing and he is reminded
That Dr. Robert
The hoods are up on Pine Street,
Rear ends lifted too
The great-grandsons of General Robert E. Lee
Are making love with a little help from STP
dream, New Orleans, Mississippi River running over me
Pretty mama come and take me by the hand
Don't mock what you don't understand
It's a southern
That we must come to (woah)
Walk side by side
Follow the light
And we'll make it through (We'll make it through yeah)

So, so what you're saying is
My name is Joe Roberts I work for the State 
I'm a sergeant out on Perenville barracks No 8 
I've always done an honest job honest as I could 
[Nas] Motherf***in Dre!
[Nas] Wha**up my n****?
[Dre] Sup NAS?
[Nas] Chillin God
[Dre] N****z is up in here hittin some of this

Ohh, I'm that history I'm that block
I'm that lifestyle I'm that spot
I'm that kid by the number spot
That's my past that made me hot
There comes a day in your life when you wanna kick back
Straw hat on the porch when you old perhaps
Wanna gather your thoughts, have a cold
Words - Robert Hunter
Music - David Freiberg

I heard you singing
What were you singing when the people got right?
Were you singing Stand
Way down here, in the heart of Texas
There's a own kinda blues going on
Elmore James, Stevie Ray, Freddie King
Robert J's licks are heard on every
Regardless of how it goes down
Life goes on
Am I right?

On the way we shed some tears
Every day we sacrifice
So we can be standing here
Oh what
of greggery peccary!

Oh, here comes greggery,
Little grecgery peccary
The nocturnal gregarious
Wild swine

A peccary
Is a little pig
With a white collar
yourselves". And that was really cruel,
Because they knew we were broke. But Robert knew a man.

"Here, Ray, here's 200 quid. Go in the bloody studio and make
the days is near
When babies is baby mommas man them days is here
It means that them days is now
I pray that the lord have mercy when my day come round
Bullets can't stop it
Rockets can't stop it
We may have to use nuclear force!

Here comes that poodle dog!
Big as a blimp with a rhinestone collar