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Kiss the devil's mark
Like a self-denial without temptation
She suffers from shame
Prodigious perversions
It's her final dimension

Mark me well, I will tell you sir! 
The way to handle a woman, 
Is to love her, simply love her, 
Merely love her, love her, 
Love her!"
Swinging from a length of rope
Ruth Ellis blew a kiss
Merlin spoke to Norma Jean
And granted her a wish
Mark Chapman stared at fantasy
Bare wires burned
By Mark Johnson

Beyond this world came a power
Struck into me I don't know how
It happened slow I want you to know
Her love is true music and it
Now she's flown away the town will never be the same
Oh oh

Her eulogy read that
This is the home
Yeah yeah
Of Jessie James
Gotta get her out of my mind.
I want to kiss you
Give me your head
I want to kiss you

Let me waste away upon your tender
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Positivity yes
Have you had your plus sign to day?
Positivity yes
Do we mark you present, or do we mark you late?

If you want her, you should tell her 
Take her by the hand If you hesitate 
If you wait, November wins her November will win her 
She returns

She said, "I want to kiss you"...
Then she threw me down to the grass
But I was more scared than confused
She said if I told her dad, she'd
Because of the mark on my forehead
Made by the Good Witch of the North
The wicked witch couldn't harm me
This made her very angry

The North's kiss
its rotten core 

By the pricking of my thumbs 
Something wicked this way comes 
And when sleep takes you tonight 
Will you wake to see the light
Yet one will always remember, remain
Beau James, Beau James, Beau James
He walked along Broadway and blew her a kiss
The many years have gone by
And I Love Her
by Julio Iglesias
I give her all my love
That's all I do

And if you saw my love
You'd love her too
And I love her
She gives
by her mouthful an enemy at the six.
She simply will not die.
kiss me idle 

kiss me without make-up, leave no marks upon my chest 
kiss me for no other reason then to give your eyes a rest 
kiss me slow
the riverside
Down by the riverside

Well, I asked her for a little kiss
Down by the riverside
Down by the riverside
Down by that riverside
i asked her for
woman, climbing the wind. 
Blue light of winter fills her baskets.
Changing woman, dance on the weather lightening and feather mark her trail

see your eyes and touch your golden hair
And kiss you when I hold her on my knees
And as the years go by I'll always see you there
For there's a part
Transcribed by mark dorset

He's gone, / he's gone. /

She wears sad jeans / torn at the waistband. /
Her pretty face / is stained with tears. /
way down
Way down, way down

I miss you!
I miss you!
So, so far!
And the collision of your kiss
That made it so hard

When will I miss you?
maybe we won't screen it tonight.

I wonder how Alison found out about Mimi?

Maybe a little bird told her.

Or an angel.

By her body in the isle of mist,
I saw him give her one last cold kiss,
One last cold kiss.

Of swans the people talk of only one in this days
maybe we won't screen it tonight.

I wonder how Alison found out about Mimi?

Maybe a little bird told her.

Or an angel.

stands with a stolen rose
Rings for her fingers and a kiss for her nose
And will have music wherever she goes

The lady wears the best perfume
Her four Latin daughters will help you to start
While finding the rhythm you might lose your heart
Six lessons from Madame La Zonga
And you'll