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Oh the good Lord must have sent you down from heaven
He sent you here to be by my side
Well the good Lord must have sent you as an angel
The answer
you can do
Oh Lord heaven is the name that you sent me
Oh Lord surprised by the rise in sin you came through
You came through
And sure as there's heaven 
You'll find that it's true 
When you're in love, 
Those stars above, are blooming 
Just for you! 


And sure as there is heaven
from heaven's light
The sweetest gift, a mother's smile

She left a smile you can remember
She's gone to heaven from heartaches free
Those walls
oh I make you mellow
Wrecking the sheets real fine
Heaven knows what you sent me Lord
But God this is a mellow time

Going down to the stores in town
Stargazer! You with your head in the heavens,
You'll never get by, walking that high off the ground.
Hey, moon dreamer, I've been around and I see
until my heart stand still
No matter what baby
Feel what you want
Heaven sent me an angel
Heaven sent me a star

And it's more, than a passing phase
Bless you all and keep you with the strength to understand
Heaven can be yours just for now.

To all the little dreamers with a dream that cannot last
Outlawed by the revelations calling you a shame
Babylon, Babylon
Accused of lust and fornication you're the one to

Babylon, Babylon
By flying planes across the sea 
Embarking on your odyssey 
You put away the danger

Heaven bless the one who flies 
A pioneer on frontier skies
Stargazer, you with your head in the heavens, 
You'll never get by walkin' that high off the ground.
Moon dreamer, I've been around and I've seen
When two hearts come together as one.
Just like you and me, 
Ain't that love, 
Shining in your eye's, 
Heaven sent from up above.
Ain't that love.
Sha la la la la, sha la la la la
You used to call me your angel
Said I was sent straight down from heaven
And you'd hold me close in your arms
that way
We come from
Back in the hollers
We got sweat
On our blue collars
The living's hard
But the living's good
You see God sent
The heavens
love took me down to the riverside
Opened my heart and washed me clean
Nothin' less than a miracle
Sent from Heaven above
One love

I'm amazed by
So thank the Lord, oh, thank the Lord for all His love
I really wanna thank You Lord

All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above
All good
dreaming again?
Dreaming of when
I thought you were heaven sent
But I wonder
Dreaming again
Dreaming of when
I thought love was innocent
But I wonder
time that once had been around
'Cause heaven's only here when I am near you
That's the reason baby why I fear you
Will you move on
Will you forgive
Happiness is in your mind
Nothingness so far behind
'Cause behind the clouds is a piece of heaven
And heaven has sent them to drift on by
died for you and me?
Made the sacrifice so that we could all be free
I believe we will answer each to Heaven
For the way we spend a priceless liberty
When they told you my intentions
Then they told you of my love

He turned deathly pale and angry
Left her standing by the gate
Sent a message by her
the man for you
Don't care what they say
Together till the end as lovers & friends
Just the man for you in every way
Could it be that heaven sent you
on a Halloween day, is that
The one who could tell you the way looking
Into the mirror of life, from here to eternity?
Hiding from the danger that's been sent
One by one
They all crumbled just like me
But like a storm in a teacup
Like a smile sent down from heaven
Madge, I loved you then
and I love you
Believe, believe me, believe me
Believe, just put ur trust in me
Believe, believe me, gotta believe me

Let me show u love
Heaven sent above