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When all will be revealed
We'll have a reunion
High on a hill

Dear John how are you
God know it's heaven where you are
Find some peace there
a dog ever had.
A post-hole-digger, a man Skoal dipper,
John Deere cap-sportin' man.
With a house on a hill and a pond in the field,
Surrounded by
So grab a hold of your seats while I open your mind
And take you back to when I dropped down from heaven
And I came out my moms and had a mic as my
I'm on my way, on the highway/ 
To a special place, it never rains, with better terrain/ 
And by the way I'll say good bye game/ 
They put the green light out, know how the game go
Niggas die for they colors, gotta respect the rainbow
Take John through the slums just to get
the Word wit a hawk like Toma
So that man can see unlike nirvana
Heaven's rulled by a unique, excellent, magnifacent persona
If you say you goin, you cant

[verse one]

Flippin' the the game
Niggas that got that 'cane
Murder mr. dopeman still in this rap game
It's 1997, my niggas gone to heaven