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Baby, let me love you to the 98th degree, girl
And heat it up (I'm down)
Girl, let's heat it up (I'm down)
I can give you all my lovin'
If you're
the reason I left them back
        It's the reason all the people say
        My 98-O blows 'em all away
        Understand, I don't drive drunk
I'm burning up, baby

All I need, all I need is your body heat
Right next to me
All I need, all I need is your body heat
Oh my God it feels amazing
Tip by the corner store wit the indo steady movin'
Niggas who flippin' new 98's is steady cruising 
Bumpin' up the block flossin' for the chicks
some gots to have it
Kill or be killed
Only time will reveal
I think by myself
And I drink by myself
From 9-8 until
Let me know it's real son if it's
to chemistry
Put it all down to the heat
The seminal spark of sexuality
Put it all down to the heat

To wake up sunday morning
With a rose and blue tatoo
It's that heat yo

The heat comin' thick down from sao paulo
Bankin' new york shakin' up the apollo
Rhyme like night people bite and swallow
A tropical heat wave
The temperature's risin'
It isn't surprisin'
She certainly can, can, can

She started a heat wave
By lettin' her feet wave
And in
I'm hangin by the spot cause I had to put the Lexus off up in the shop
But it's all to good it's a hood thang 
Never too bogus notice the love
bring it to ya on the regular 

I give you static like a cellular with dead batteries 

fuck up ya head like a cavity.. 

In hip-hop I'm
Yes, Lord, it's all good, you know I hustle
In the tanktop with no muscle, all in the hood
And roll dice by the elevator, and post up
And wait there,
held the sign up higher
Where no decent soul could miss it
It was ten degrees or colder
Down by Boulder Dam that day

He was raised up in Milwaukee
Street life is calling to me, till the break up day
I am waiting for you with your sexy eyes
While the people are passing by
Feel the rhythm
I keep it real, from the school of the hard knocks
The brown skinned brother with dreadlocks
That's that's stickin up barber shops and jewelry
Walking backwards into the night
Caught tight in the sheets
Our dreams entangled, twisted by our heat
You come walking over, pillows and sheets
I want PC, see me tuck in your chains 
I got niggaz my pops say that lifestyle ain't changed 
It's like wake up move a brick half-of-a-slow 
Hey momma, what's happening? (Dip da through the 9-7)
This one's for you baby girl
That's right (As we tip toe to the 9-8)
Lee, my baby, what's
I want PC, see me tuck in your chains 
I got niggaz my pops say that lifestyle ain't changed 
It's like wake up move a brick half-of-a-slow 
look much brighter
Though the heat's gonna carry on
We'll make it through

Look up look up, every minute every hour
Day by day, raise your head,
and friends, this was my first introduction
How foul it is when it comes to this biz
Of music, 1995 was mad confusin'
'6 it cleared up, independent geared up
He need not heed the neighbors now
And throw me up for all to see,
The flies of August swarming me

I get a ride
Right by your side
Under your
this verse is like leavin' the gas on
Hog-tie a nigga for his bread, have the Hefty bag on
By any means, a cheddar king
Got a '98 kid's voice
New Delhi at three A.M.
Just arrived by K.L.M.
Left the airport in the heat
In the bus strange people meet
Driving through the starless night
Limb by limb and tooth by tooth
Tearing up inside of me
Every day every hour
I wish that I was bullet proof

Wax me
Mould me
Heat the pins

More heat needed melt your face white devils on the wire
More heat needed by your grace
Where there´s smoke there´s fire

I made it