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And Four for the blaze

[Repeat: x4]
That Heat

So take off ya clothes
Relax yea soul
Unwind yea spine

It's that heat, that heat, that heat
your soul

Weight's gonna get much lighter
World's gonna look much brighter
Though the heat's gonna carry on
We'll make it through the night
Knights in shining karma 
Tend your flame 
And with love for armor 
They'll remain 

Ever by your bed 
Guarding, still sleeping 
Shield your
to church on Sunday mornin'
On my knees while I was prayin'
Askin' God for the strength to
To just keep on winning (He said)
Just keep your soul sacred
And don't slip up
It's way too late when the bodybags zip up
Real gangsters pray for they soul when they get up
You live by the gun but you'll die by that
the chosen
In your eyes, the truth lies, frozen

Soldier in the city heat
Refugee on any street
And life goes by
An apostle to these worn out souls

peeling from the bone
The Gods are judge and jury
Inferno is their home
You cry - You die
As you head for the grave
Welcome to purgatory
Your soul is fried
lights - Gang fights
Brewing in the heat
Cop cars - Gay bars
On your precious street
That ain't so neat

Sister's on the street now
Looking for some
You can feel the heat when the night is gone
You been burnt by the midnight sun
When you look for relief but you can't find none
You been burnt by
I see a silhouette by the window
There's a nightgown on the floor
I feel desire in your eyes
I taste the honey of your soul

Do you
heat 'cause should it be for real
(How I could just kill a man!)
And if you think you want to come and test me, then come deal with my steel
(How I
tonight, a real woman tonight
One that holds you tight
Don't you put up a fight now, honey
A real woman tonight

Even you don't know what's good for you
You got the jitters the hard hitters
No quitters your soul quivers
When you see the gats blazing, get out the street now
There ain't no use for you
the budget
I'm gangster, let the 40 cal blow in public
More hatred inside my soul than 'Pac had for Delores Tucker
Every time one of my niggas get shot,
the devil eyes
That knows about the beat

You remove the masks and faces
And you see the shadowed places
That only witches look for
In the cradle of the heat
burnt, vital organs charred and blackened
Scorch to disinfect is the method for acceptance

Purification By Fire
Transformation is rapture

Oh, I feel
Like the moon was made for lonely
You and me
Oh it's real
You are the one and you're the only
You and me
All the love that's
heat for niggas that got dough
We the flyest gangsters
What you don't got is my natural glow
Counting out stacks and macking out hoes
Pushing big dicks
act like why'don't know
Bitches in heat for niggas that got dough
We the flyest gangsters
What you don't got is my natural glow
Counting out stacks
track drop ain't enough space in ya trunk
Soul for real, but not the group
I'm solo going for dolo in the drop Coupe
I distribute melodies while ya
And what I'd give just to look in April's eyes

Another year goes by and I wait for her to return
She leaves a chill in my soul, but a fire always burns
I don't hurt anybody by walking barefoot
I don't hurt anybody by working in the garden
I don't hurt anybody by just running around at night
me by the hand

Turn my dreams into the real thing, baby
Turn my dreams into the real thing.

2000 brings you more
Strange days not like before
you ready for a real career?
Will you be so cool
When it's happening here?

It don't say nothing that I haven't heard
If what I hear is true
Burning for you..

Come on in and light up my heart
Come on in and burn through my soul
Come on turn the heat up
Pick your feet up
And let it