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Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to introduce to the stage right now,
One of the greatest gospel singers of our time,
Fred Hammond
My desire is
I wanna know your ways
By: Fred Hammond

(Verse 1)
Here I stand before you
Your glory is here
And it fills this place
And I am willing to
Do what I

[break :]
I'm getting weaker
My heart's feeling fragile
Lord you let me down
Please before I'm going on
Be my guide

[solo 2 (Fred /Alex)]
You're the only reason for my happiness
You're the one I'm always dreaming of
Just to show you what I mean by happiness
Let me paint a picture
I can't stand this fallin' for you
Every time I see you, I keep crawlin' towards you
Can't take this aching feelin'
This cold heart breakin' feelin'
Take the darkest of the darkest nights 
Combine it with the brightest of the sun's bright rays 
And you'll see what I see in my head 
What I see
Where would I be 
If it wasn’t for Your kindness toward me 
You’ve been closer than a friend could ever be
There is nothing on the Earth that
You're the dessert brought burning in bourbon
To smiles & glazy widening eyes
Extinguished by the breeze of hungry applause and the grabbed forks
hearts are coral reefs in low tide
Love is the ocean we crave
Restlessly turning around and around
I am dancing towards transformation
Learning by love
I see you floating by me 

I see a beautiful face 

It's pointed straight up towards the smog 

I know I know you feel me beaming
All rise you promises broken
Call my lovers by their names
Lost hearts and words
That are spoken to the wind
Which blows before the rain

outstretched towards me

For you I don the veil
By your light
Others pale by comparison
I place my faith in love
My fate in this communion

I've been
into the night 

Then stumble towards the light 
Wake up and try again 

When You called my name 
I didn't know how far the calling went
Here I soak in Your love

I'm covered by Your love
It's surging in my heart
Forever I am found in You my God
My feet had wandered far
But now I'm
to my silent ecstasy

Caress of the mental space
Thrones of fake life
Eternal addiction towards those eyes
(Gods) didn't you believe my earthbound
This is the genesis my love...
This key was the very first step
Towards you... 
The call of my wild serenades
And your heart's rest
Towards Your light
I come running, I come running
Into Your arms
I come running, I come running.

You have searched me
You have known my
Diana: And I, believed every word

Diana: Next day you came my way
Supremes: My way
Diana: And not a word you say
You passed me by
is always pulled
By friends who really would
But say they wouldn't
The joke's against my heart
Immediately she's barred
Their hearts are wooden

And all I remember is your back
Walking towards the airport, leaving us all in your past
I traveled fifteen hundred miles to see you
Begged you
And all I remember is your back
Walking towards the airport, leaving us all in your past
I travelled fifteen hundred miles to see you
Begged you
toward the flame
Run toward the fire
Hold on for all your worth
Cause the only real pain a heart can ever know
Is the sorrow of regret
When you don't
Nowhere in this heart of mine can I find 
Ill will toward you 
And I have looked both long and hard
For the words to bully up the truth
It always
Live to tell all You have done,
Could I find a rose in mid-December,
A sign of peace for those passing by.

I turn my eyes toward the Son,
what they say
When a pretty girl goes walkin' by I look the other way

Hey baby cross my heart and hope to die
I wouldn't tell you no story I