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made up
And my heart's in the right place

Can I get some lovin?
Can I get some time?
In the midnight hour
And it don't matter how

I gave
Look, homicide is illegal, death is a penalty
Never let go when you've got ahold of your enemy
Eagle claw cobra clutch by any means necessary
ya like?
Red I flight the night
From L.A. to N.Y.
I'm Harlem bound
You see how bitches tense up, when Scarlett 'round
Niggas get the heart to holla
The debris gathers
Time starts to shiver
By heart's blood 

If I dissolve into your body
If I hoped to find
White light in your soul
If together we fall
(tired of that happening)
Oooh, this time it's for me
After you've bein doin you
I'm gonna do me

Let me tell you by singin it
Instead of tellin lies
got me thinking 'bout them ill moves 
Every damn kid on the street, they got something to prove 
Push a bullet through my heart, why not? That's a start
loved with people, so passive back then
I thought I'd be above this evil, my tolerance level
Then was up with doves and eagles
Currently I've hit ground
As we hacked down the Imperial Eagle,
And the severed heads of centurions gaping atop our spears.

[Bloodshed and Battle: 61 AD (C.E.)]

the heart, yo, get ill cause we're real
(THE LEGION'S IN THE HOUSE!) You know the deal
You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't
No matter what
splatters don't matter
that's what we practice

Blast the rocket 
Knock off your leg 
Tear through your forearm
Sit you in a chair make your niggas call
Put hearts in a jar then swallow the whole jarful
Blind marksman in a ghillie suit, let off
With a grunt, while I'm murderin' mini troops
sent to attack, so I'm following the map
X's mark the rappers out with two head with
Furocious cademies that only need with the next spliff
Step by step