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like Kanye
Music on another level
Yeah, I'm tryna take this shit further beyond Ye
I just might fuck around and drop this shit on 'em by surprise like
love Scott, you love the Kid Cudi
I ain't no fucking slouch, show you what I'm 'bout
My energy is a bit too precious, too drenched in them blessings
learned the music from way down there 

The real ones learn it somewhere 
Strum your guitar -- sing it kid 
Just write about your feelings -- not
paradise, this music is nice
It makes you hot if you want it too, or twice as cold as ice
It brings love to the heart of a criminal
With this subliminal
of these busters don't know about it)
Well let's tell these motherfuckers!

As a kid, I used to lay awake and think
When was Santana gonna make a drink?
can tell by her face that her pussy smell like a sea lion
Only thing she gonna get is denied
Couple grand inside my Levi's
T9 put me on, and he
Could I let you down easily, is your heart where it need to be?
Is your smile on permanent? Is your vow on lifetime?
Would you know where the sermon is
strings for theme music. 

I'll show you which culture to pump your fist at and what foot is right to kiss. 
We don't know who the culprit is yet...but
this shit for y'all, that's the damn thing
I've been waiting pretty long to get on some shit and rip it for Dicky
So just consider this my damn theme