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You ain't goin' nowhere
Gonna sit by this pool until you fall in
Didn't know what you were getting into
When you walked into this room
Did you,
Then you are calling
Call my heart awake from years of slumber
And then I'm falling
Like a child head over heel
In fields of summer
Can you hold me?
The warden came along and asked me what I was thinking of
Last year in the summer with a Tiffany lamp over her head

Well I grabbed her by the hand and with
halo around you head
You lean over and kiss me so sweet
Nobody wake me if this is a dream

I'm gonna build myself a summer home
Build myself
And there's a sunset brimming over the sky
And there's a swallow teaching it's young how to fly
Up on high
See how fast the summer passes by
hangin' by your side
Keep the shield of faith before you if you want to stay alive

I'll think my life is over
But the Lord he comes to me
He heals my
I watched a new universe being born raised in breath
In the calm of my bed

Some might say it's over now
I don't believe them
If I only got
summer dress
     The reasons why I misbehave
     You say you're a woman
     Not a little girl
     I can tell by the way you smile
     The time
Let's back up and act like we're sober
Newborn clean
Head over heals for a cold blooded creature
Limbic somersaults

For a toxic thing you sure
The warden came along and asked me what I was thinking of
Last year in the summer with a Tiffany lamp over her head

Well I grabbed her by the hand and with
learned to persevere
As time advanced deceit was my life's truth
Spurred on by the peace I never knew
Time does not heal
The scars that burned me in my
are by my side 
Heaven can wait now you are by my side 

Two years on and still I'm head over heels now 
Ups and downs in everyday still you come my
It was Cinco de Mayo
Pillow case on his head 
No more breathing time 
An ambulance sped
Sped 'round ever corner 
Calling out his name

Silver bullets 
Head green ton stud 
Black cat bone 
The heebee-jeebees 
John the Conqueroo's personal voodoo keys 

Way over yonder 
Over on yonder's wall
Time, time on your mind
A conscience ticking
Images passing by like picture slides arranged

Love will survive 
It twists and turns you
(and I remember) The Indian Summer 
How you held me in the moonlight 

We were riding along on a silver dream never dreaming it off our head 
and if
When you're young
Everything's easy
It's a summerbreeze,
You're alive but times they change
Everything's rearranged
Summer moves on,
attacked by them
You'll never heal
They'll rob your conscience
Your sanity they'll steal
They'll beat your brains until they spill
That's the fascist

Peter Pan stares
Over the landscape
Without motion
On pencil grey days
To a Door Marked Summer
Gray, quiet and tired and mean
Picking at a worried seam
I try to make you mad at me over the phone.
Red eyes and fire and signs
I'm taken by
Hey!, pick it up
This'll get you out.. of your head

China's heading up, by the ratings on a motion
She goes with a real head biker, he's
can you feel
A love that's come to heal
Yes I'm head over heels in

This whirlwind romance
Just give me a chance
This whirlwind romance
Just give
Painted on tight, driving me crazy
Denim daisy
Turning heads all over town
The other girls rocking them mini skirts
But they can't hold
'Cause the music's
Taking over your feet
I can tell by your toes
That you're rocking
To this beat
You gotta dance and sway
Til you drop and break
close enough to hear you whisper
Baby do you really care about me, oh yeah
Asked myself man, should I answer
How head over heals could a man be

Just one