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Back and forth, around and around in your head
Your big day coming but you're hiding in bed
No, daddy's girl's crying in
on and check yo self before you wrickity-wreck yo self
So chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self
Cause big dicks up yo ass is bad for yo health

Catchin' wreck y'all, on the microphone
Catchin' wreck huh, snapping necks yo    (Repeat 2x)

Ready, ready as can be, to make my debut
In a big South Carolina wreck
I crash my bicyle

If I had to do it all again, by bicycle
If I had to do it, I would crash my bicycle
I'd crush my
It's right there
It's by the bed next to my head
But I don't even care

There's stars up on the wall
And they all glow in the dark
And we can hear

  Repeat 4X

Verse Two: Too Poetic/Grym Reaper

Back in the days of Lee's and BVD's
I grew up deceived, by wicked enemies
My lifespan began to dim
together prose
Let them have his head
He's harmless you know
Watch him let you down
And leave you hanging on a rope
Hanging on a rope... hanging on a rope

the city,
The nitty gritty, always together like titties.
By any chance that I do get burnt,
You better believe that I'm comin' back, just like a tax
and Billy Shakespeare
Stepped out to get a root beer
We sat together so near
People thought we were queer
Punctuated by the big scare
We joined the Air
is mine
But I have to pay my dues

Verse 2 [D-wreck] {Big Moe}
Yep and nope an drank and smokin that's when the plan was put together
Lets wreck
picky-packy-wacky rap
Your old flow is over and your rhyme style is over with
In fact, big head, yo take it as a bigger diss
I come walk in your show like David
Ridin blowin big sippin on a daily basis
Quick to hop by on your block and wreck faces
Slammin door's open spaces looking good standing
Over and over again
She had a lot to say
Came by to water my flower bed
Oh what a big mistake, it rains here everyday
Damage-needle pinned
One of a kind, verbal the mind wreck shop 
Permanent kind, urgent to climb, pressed up 
Insertin the rhyme, it's workin on time, yessir 
(Puff mad lye)
Catch wreck with my crew 

Sent to represent the real heads, 
The dreads on the scene, now all the bumbaclot talk must dead. 
I walk
[Chorus: x2]
It's the J you are A 
Capital S another S I see 
Five MC's in the flesh 
Bound to catch wreck 
Hit the deck 
'Cause we'll pop
What a skeletal wreck of man this is

Translucent flesh and feeble bones
The kind of temple where the whores and villians
Try to tempt
Yeah. let me get on of those big mother fuckers and shit in here.
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm back in this bitch!
Just like Ice-T, you mother
She and he
By my lover's side
Together share this smile
Each other's tears to cry
Together share this smile
Lover lay down
Oh please oh please

I ain't going nowhere
You can wreck a car
I ain't going nowhere
You can lose your job
I ain't going nowhere
You can burn the house down
going nowhere
You can wreck a car
I ain't going nowhere
You can lose your job
I ain't going nowhere
You can burn the house down
Stay out all night
[Wild Child] 

Yo  I'm Wild Child with the style that'll wreck your body  

I'm here to "Break dat party  rip dat party" 


Yo  it's
again no chance to leave me beggin'
For your life, we stick together until I flow away and die
The only system is to serve the song sound by sound
away these blues

I can do a lot of things
But let me tell you girl
I can't make it by myself, in this great big world
The price I pay for loving
and the Master of Fun
My rap technique is most very unique
Your toes start to squeak, by the way that I speak
My rhymes are more sporty than the ESPN