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Anyway, I was in Israel as a kind of cultural ambassador and there were lots of press conferences scheduled around the performances. The journalists
is the limit
But this world is full of envy hold me back I've been done it
Shit what you thought see-Bo wasn't down
It's just hella hard to get up when
eyes 'cause I be higher than most
Been on the plane for twenty hours, and wasn’t tired
Live by the code, money power
Once I got on, my niggas hired
gangsta? Neva that, but I keep that thing like 'Where he at?'
Ain't no rubber band big enough to hold these stacks
I wrap my money in Reynolds Wrap
and drawers
Here I go again mix it up and down 
As it sound on my heart like a tug of wolves
As I heard as I lay in bed 
Please God let me live pride myself