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I'd be coming back
Next Saturday night on rooster hill

so I took Cortez home and laid him in his cage
He was up and about in a couple of days
here come Cortez and Pizarro  
Hernando and Francisco  
hacked their way to heaven blow by blow  
men of god in Spain they worked for someone else
cortez shoes betcha could'nt
Walk in a mile in these shoes but we get by and we got to keep on walking

Let me take you back a way homie back in my day
In the spring of 1519 a Spanish fleet set sail
Cortez told his sailors this mission must not fail
On the eastern shore of Mexico they landed with
brought him to this prison on that old Big River Train
We became the best of buddies side by side through thick and thin
Then one night he told his story
London, 1943"
But she never heard from him again, and he never heard of me.

And the war still ain't over for Mama
Every night in her dreams she still
I only needed coffee
Aisle four is where he caught me off guard
Seemed like a lifetime
Between his goodbye
And by the way how have you been?
Australia growing like a weed

Ned Kelly took the blame
Ned Kelly won the fame
Ned Kelly brought the shame
And then Ned Kelly hanged

Well he hid out
rainy days
You brought back the sun and I thank you baby, thank you baby

I thought I'd never trust again, all the pain he put me in
Felt like I would
And He held me up until I could walk again 
And promised to stay by my side forever
the sorrow that he brought me
When he handed me that letter edged in black.

Oh, he rang the bell and whistled while he waited,
And then he said "Good
This is another public service announcement
Brought to you in part by Slim Shady
(Tell 'em I don't give a fuck)
Slim Shady does not give a fuck what
Trying to get sanctified
No more condemnation, repented
Jesus brought salvation, He saved me
Justification brought me safely to His side

And as I get
didn't care
Pushed the window open wide
Felt an emptiness inside
To which he just could not relate
Brought on by a simple twist of fate

He hears
rescued me

I could have been dead and gone,
But the Lord he spared my life
Now I can say, that I'm still here
And it's by the grace of God

When I
a man
Years ago we used to play
He used to laugh when I ran away
But when I fell and hurt my knee
He used to come and comfort me
And the pain would
and the flying fish
But he's been enchanted by the pictures
From the satellite dish
So his mama packs his bags, knots his red neck tie
Sends him north to her
He brought me through hard trials
He brought me through tribulations
Never let a day go by and not realize
Had not been for the Lord who was on my

Senoritra passing by
Pardon me if i stop and ask you why
Senorita could it be
Someone like you could love someone like me

So he walked up to her
Deadline my clothing, don't fuck with Pink Dolphin
Strap on his hairline, his forehead gets softened
Send extras through his chest bones, shit, he don't need
Deadline my clothing, don't f*** with Pink Dolphin
Strap on his hairline, his forehead gets softened
Send extras through his chest bones, s***, he don't need
As performed by The Singing Rambos

The things that I love and hold dear to my heart
Are just borrowed they're not mine at all
Jesus only let me use
down him like a shot and he still stood the test

He swallowed tripe and lard by the yard, we got scarred
We thought it would go hard when the waiter
Years ago, I knew a man,
He was my mother's biggest fan
We used to walk beside the sea
And he told me how life would be
When I grew up to be
play and play all day

Every night he's with me
When I climb up the stairs
And by my bed he listens
Until I say my prayers

Oh, me and my teddy